Monday, August 10, 2009

Low Carb Lemon Curd

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Sorry for being so slack, I never know what to post as I feel I am just repeating things that I post on the forum. I guess there's quite a few that check here that wouldn't otherwise check on the forum, whom might benefit from a recipe or a post here that they may otherwise not see.

Anyway I love lemons, I use them a lot in savoury cooking, but am just starting to use them in sweet foods as well. I have a lemon ice cream recipe that I am hoping to convert during the week. Recently, I made a lemon curd that I just love and thought that perhaps I should share it here. You could interchange the lemon with other flavours, such as passion fruits or berries but I haven't tried myself. I do plan on trying it with passion fruit at some point.

With sweeteners, I am starting to dwindle down on the splenda use and for this I have used a half/half mix of xylitol and splenda tablets. One splenda tablet is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of granula splenda but with a lot less carbohydrates. I guess, they would be similar to liquid splenda? I have actually started buying some things from the US again, it's amazing how much cheaper it is to buy something from there then it is from here, even the postage is cheaper then ours. I finally bought some erythritol to experiment with as well as an erythritol and stevia mix but I was too chicken to use it in this as I was worried about the erythritol crystalizing as well as how it would go taste in lemon curd. Next time, when I buy some stevia on its own I will try a mix of xylitol and stevia instead, but for now splenda will do. I actually quite like the taste of these two combined.

These measurements are metric but converting metric cups to the US equivalent is pretty easy. An American cup is 237ml whilst a metric cup is 250ml (8 fl oz) which leaves 13ml. A US tablespoon equals 15ml so simply add 1 tablespoon extra per cup. So, for this recipe with the lemon juice, just add an extra half a tablespoon - but really the difference in half a cup is so small I wouldn't worry too much. With the sweeteners, I wouldn't worry as I find it quite sweet anyway so a little less won't matter, the 16 splenda tablets is the equivalent to 1/3 a cup of granular splenda. The second time I made this, I used less sweetener again but because I used thin skinned lemons which are sweeter I still found it very sweet. The first time I used large thick skinned lemons. So a little trial and error I guess but every time I make it I just want to eat it off the spoon regardless, very yummy :)

Oh and this curd which is essentially a custard is made direct in the saucepan so make sure you have everything with you ready and be careful not to let it curdle. This is the recipe I used as my guide so have a read of the method first. At the first sign of a lump lift the saucepan straight off the heat and give it a good whisk before putting it back on the heat.

Low Carb Lemon Curd

Some recipe ideas that you can use the lemon curd for:

Lemon Coconut Slice

Plus another one from one of our members that doesn't have a picture:

Chocholate tarts filled with lemon curd

Enjoy :)