Saturday, January 31, 2009

The forum is back online!

Hey Everyone :)

Just wanted to let everyone whom had been clicking on the links to some recipes on my forums such as the chocolate cheesecake brownies that I posted the other day only to receive a web page saying that you're suspended, know that the forum is working again!

It seems a meal replacement product that had been discussed on my forum a while back appeared on a popular current affair program down here and guess who was number 2 in google? Our thread!

Needless to say, at one stage we had over 1500 concurrent guests on my forum and my webhost had a hissy fit and suspended my account. 1500 might not seem like that big a deal compared to some of the popular forums out there but for a non monetised forum like mine on shared hosting, it was!

I have since had a hissy fit ;) and moved us, so now everything is back up and running, make sure to check out those brownies they are very yummy :)


Jennifer said...

Thanks, Sherrie. I'm glad you had a hissy fit and got the forum back up and running. (smile)

Your forum has pride of place in my forum links.

LC David said...
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Erika said...

Wow, 1500 is fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

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jh said...

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