Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Low Carb Vege Garden

Hey Guys :)

Sorry for being so slack, my forum has been very busy and I have been struggling to keep up with it at times as well as struggling with motivation.

Whilst my last doctors appointment showed I had great cholesterol numbers despite my high fat diet, it was a horrible appointment with her and really took the wind out of me. I have been struggling to get my thyroid/chronic fatigue looked at for over 5 years. Anyway, I have been doing lots of reading on this subject and will post about it soon. The good news is, I have an appointment that I have been waiting for almost 3 months coming up in 2 more weeks, that I hope will start solving this once and for all. Getting very anxious now!

On a better note, I have been looking at starting my first vegetable garden. My partner and I, decided some time back that we want to live in the country and aim towards eventually being self sufficient. We have been renting a place out here since Maya was born to get a feel for it and make sure this is what we want, with plans to buy a property as soon as prices start coming down (they are extremely inflated here at the moment). Anyway, I decided now is a good a time as any to start learning this stuff ready. It is currently spring here and I have been buying wine barrels etc in hopes to learn to grow veggies in pots with an aim on using non-hybrid and mostly organic seeds and growing them in an organic way. If anyone has any tips I would love to see them!
I was in a funk for a while but last week I finally planted a bunch of seeds which are just starting to come up this week. The ones in the photo above are cucumbers.

I have also started playing with some Christmas recipes, I made a low carb yule log which turned out good I will post it soon. Oh and the other month I made some yummy low carb friands that you might be interested in. Friands are like a yuppie type of muffin: Low Carb Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Friands.

Anyway, I just thought I'd update, I will post some more recipes soon and hopefully will be able to show more progress with my veggies, wish me luck as I do not have a green thumb but I am trying! :)


Jennifer said...

Sherrie, you are a genius! These desserts look amazing!

Jennifer said...

P.S. Just read what you said about the thyroid. So sorry you've been going through this. It was an uphill battle for me too, but it was resolved more quickly. Sherrie, I hope you read my story on my blog. It's important to get FT3, FT4 and thyroid antibody tests done, besides the TSH. If you need someone to help interpret the results, you can run them by me, as long as you also have the ranges. I don't trust doctors on thyroid issues anymore. They are not trained in this area adequately.

Sherrie said...

Hey Jennifer :)

This is the post where I posted my blood test results: thyroid 101. I had these done the same day I had my cholesterol done. I actually had to demand this doctor to arrange these tests because she wasn't even interested in why I was even there. This was the second time I have seen her which was September and March, when all my hypothyroid type symptoms had returned in a big way(I had a reprieve from a lot of my symptoms once I fell pregnant)

Other then my checkup at 6 weeks after my daughters birth where they do a pap smear etc I had given up on doctors. The last time I tried to do something about it ended up with me being refereed to an endo whom in 5-10mins asked me a few questions, told me my goiter might get larger during my pregnancy, diagnosed me with chronic fatigue and then gave me a couple of sheets of paper on chronic fatigue that was basically telling me to get lots of rest and gentle exercise and sent me on my way. :rolleyes: That was back in mid 2004, I had just found out I was pregnant to Maya. The doctor whom initially diagnosed me with a goiter that I had been seeing since I was a teenager just told me to wait until it gets too big and then we will have it removed!

Sherrie said...

Oh and I have had my antibodies done too previously, I did have antibiodies but not enough. They are in that thread also as I had them tested in March.

Linda said...

I also have thyroid/adrenal problems. I could not take Armour (it gave me migraines) until Igot my adrenals under control. 6 months of natural cortef and b vitamins and magnisium then I started on a sliver of a 30 mg tab of Armour a day. I am not on 90 mg split 3 times a day one of them at bedtime. I feel great and sleep like a rock. I am also on natural progesterone. I am onthe lowest dose of cortef and am down to taking 1/4 a day. If I don't take any I get realy tired and have hot flashes.

Sherrie said...

Hey Linda :)

Did you feel better during those 6 months or did you have to wait until you were able to go back on armour?

Barbara Brown said...
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Cody Tessmer said...

Adorable blog and very easy to follow. love the photos!
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