Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Low Carb Easy Eggs

I thought I'd share my favourite way to eat eggs, I call them Easy Eggs because they are just that, easy but also very yum. If your feeling sick and tired of eggs try this, but remember don't have it every day or it will end up just like every other egg dish!

This is a picture of my eggs that I had last night, they actually look better then that when they first come out of the oven. I did plan on taking a photo whilst they were all puffed up but Maya had other ideas...

Anyway this is how I do mine, you could add other ingredients to it like a slice of tomato or mushroom. You could also line the ramekin with nitrate free bacon or ham, I used to make a similar dish, Ham and Egg thingos but I like these better.


BaileyAKA said...

Wow that sounds really good... Thanks for sharing, I'm definitely going to try it. Now, onto reading MORE of your blogs! :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Sherrie,

I giggled at your "dollop" of cream comment! LOL I used that term in my cookbooks as well. Checking up on you - no blogging since the lst of July! (wink) I check every now and then since I now easily link to you from my blog.

What's the weather like down under? Curious me.

Jun Bug House said...

Can you post the
cream cheese muffin recipe for me please.
Thank you!

Sherrie said...

Hey :)

Sorry I haven't been a snob, promise! I replied a couple of nights ago but blogger must have had other ideas!

Will try to remember what I wrote :)

Baileyaka, make sure you do, they are a lot yummier then you expect them to be or at least they are for me, I find the eggs are really tender and moist and very cheesy!

Jennifer, sorry I am slack!!! I am finding it hard thinking of things to post about, low carb world is pretty quiet and I am pretty busy with my forum and find it hard to think of ideas for both, if that makes sense. That said I did make a yummy almond and coconut cake recently which I should chuck up here for those that don't frequent the forum. Will post either today or tomorrow, I am finishing a computer upgrade today (my b'day pressie) so may not get time.

Oh and Jennifer it is winter here so cold, wet and windy. Maximum today it 13 degrees celcius with showers and thunder expected by this afternoon.

Nance I made a fresh batch of them last night so this morning I took a photo just for you, it is a recipe from LCF, I will post up my metric version and give the link for the original once I finish here :)

Jennifer said...

Wow, that is cool over there. Strange, I never think of Australia as cool in any way. :-)

I understand re not blogging too frequently. The forum must be quite a lot of work for you. I'm not always stellar about blogging even without a forum; some months are really sparse in the blogging department.

Your almond coconut cake sounds interesting. I have lots of coconut flour - I find it very useful in low-carb baking and it provides good fiber to boot!

Sherrie said...

I live in South Australia so we have cool winters and hot summers, some other areas of Australia get snow also. However the northern part of Australia is hot, this is auctually a good time of the year for visting up north because the weather is much nicer. During summertime it is their wet season so it is much more humid and stormy. Mind you I have never been up north so I am not speaking from experience!

Will chuck the cake up in a sec, it doesn't use coconut flour but rather dessicated coconut which is finely shredded coconut. Actually I have some coconut flour as well it is openened but barely used and now past the useby date as I was on a special diet for my daughter last year and wasn't able to have it.

Jennifer said...

Very interesting information about Australia; thanks for sharing.

I keep my coconut flour in the freezer. I might try your nice cake soon with the coconut flour and see how it turns out.