Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Metabolism Society needs your help, please sign.

I received this in my email today for my website and promptly posted it on my low carb forum but just now realised I should probably chuck it up here too for my readers whom don't frequent the forum:

I just received this in my inbox from Richard Feinman, founder of the Nutrition and Metabolism Society and editor for the journal, Nutrition and Metabolism.

Basically, it is a petition for the goal on bringing more research and acknowledgment into the effectiveness of treatments of Diabetes 2 through low carb diets rather then just intensive drug therapy which seems to be the focus. With two latest studies doing just that, resulting in one of them having to finish their study early due to too many people dropping dead!

I posted about a Management of Diabetes Case Vignette once where doctors from around the world were given some information on a 55 year old woman with diabetes 2 and asked to vote and comment on their treatment from 3 options. None of these include a low carbohydrate diet, just drugs, drugs and more drugs... go read the various comments by doctors, rarely do you see lifestyle mentioned, there was one comment where they recommend diet and exercise but not to treat the diabetes but to treat the side effects of one of the drugs!

Crazy stuff!


The NIH must acknowledge the existing science and fund more research by the experts who have experience with carbohydrate restriction as a means of treatment for diabetes.

June 12, 2008

New England Journal of Medicine published the ACCORD study results. "We investigated whether intensive therapy to target normal glycated hemoglobin levels would reduce cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes" (intensive therapy meant intensive drug therapy).

"As compared with standard therapy, the use of intensive therapy to target normal glycated hemoglobin levels for 3.5 years increased mortality and did not significantly reduce major cardiovascular events. These findings identify a previously unrecognized harm of intensive glucose lowering in high-risk patients with type 2 diabetes."

An elementary understanding of science lets one recognize that it is likely the treatment (intensive drug therapy) that has the (unrecognized?) harm. A substantial background of studies shows that not reducing glycated hemoglobin is a health risk.
It is the absence of any consideration of dietary carbohydrate restriction, the most safe and effective method of improving glycemic control that is so objectionable.

Scientists are stymied. Fighting with the NIH is not simple, generally not a career builder, and the number of people involved in this trial is in the hundreds. Only the public can help. We need your help in reaching them.

Please ask your readers to contribute by signing this petition.

Thank you.

Richard Feinman
Professor of Biochemistry
Founder, Metabolism Society

Monday, June 16, 2008

Low Carb Flourless Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake

I have been really enjoying the cream cheese muffin recipe from LCF for my breakfasts. I am currently debating between making another batch today or decarbing another yummy looking recipe that's a cross between cheesecake muffins and cake and yes you guessed it, it involves chocolate ;)

But anyway, last week I had something different for breakfast, something chocolaty and something surprisingly not rich despite all the 85% lindt chocolate, yet very satisfying!

But be warned, it is calorie dense and it is not ultra low carb, so do what I do and make it a meal such as breakfast, or save it for a treat. I cut mine into 12 slices, you could cut yours into 16 if you want, I have worked out the counts for both. The original cake is said to store in the fridge for 2 weeks. Do not eat this straight out of the fridge, always bring your peice down to room temperature first, I like to bring mine down to room temp then quickly put it in the oven just long enough to make the ganache all goey (shown in photo). I was thinking for the US visitors that you could probably bring the carb count down some more by using unsweetened bakers chocolate and a little extra sweetener, over here lindt 85% is the lowest you can find. Plus you could experiment with other sweeteners to bring the carb count down. Let me know how you go, we have a thread for it here. This is a de-carbed recipe by Belinda Jeffery and she is my new found favourite chef!

Low Carb Flourless Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Is www.lowcarbshop.com.au a scam?

Just wanted to do a quick post in hopes to get the message out there to any fellow Aussies that don't frequent my forum. Basically, we have a few complaints dating back to December from people whom have ordered from this website, had their credit card charged but have no received the goods!

People have tried to contact them with no response and when they call the business behind the shop they are told that they are new owners of said business and that the previous owner still owns that online shop and refuse to give out the contact details for the old owner...

When looking at the website you will find various complaints by customers hoping to warn potential customers through product reviews such as...


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE! Trying to stop someone making the same mistake I did with ordering from this site. This company has taken my money and not supplied me with my goods - has now been over a month and I've sent 3 emails since the order was placed and my money was taken with absolutely no response. If this has happened to you also please email me on ***********@hotmail.com as I'm trying desperately to find a way to get my money back and it would be better to have all of us try.

It's true, this site is so unprofessional, no communication, no goods ever get sent, but their happy to charge your credit card!!!

Ordered these too...still haven't received - owner cannot be contacted - he does not reply to his emails - but will take your hard earned cash and give you nothing in return - DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE - YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR GOODS!

YESSS just as I was pasting some of the reviews here their website was taken down!!!! I and others have been reporting them and trying to get their web hosts to take the website down, looks like they just did!!!

Lets hope it stays down! if only another website was so easy eh? ;)

With that said, considering this has been happening since at least December last year I suspect there's many more out there whom have been ripped off by this company!

If your out there we have a bunch of information of various contacts to help get your money back listed in this thread: Low Carb Nutrition, when I reported them to the ACCC they called me and said they needed more customers to contact them so they can see a trend and do something about it so please contact the ACCC and fair trading!

Good luck!