Friday, May 16, 2008

Oink Oink

To those that liked the spider I thought you might like her pig that she did a while back :)

She turned 3 at the end of April and boy am I starting to regret showing her how to use MS Paint. In some ways it was good because she would go through so much paper in a day it's not funny, she'd do a quick sketch then bang onto the next piece of paper. She got to some of Ryans spare school books and before you know it, each page had been "christened". Sketch books do not last very long... If you left the room she was in, she would start drawing on the walls and tiled floor, she loves to draw LOL

Shes stopped drawing on the walls for now, and even though the novelty of MS Paint is wearing off, she has become quite proficient with the use of computers. It is amazing how fast she picked it up. I had to set her up with her own account, just so she doesn't do any harm when she is on there. I also have to be careful of not leaving my computer logged in. The other day, I opened up one of Garry's cover letters for a job to print out, to find she had opened it up, deleted stuff and replaced with mumbo jumbo and then saved it!

I have created a monster! :eek:


PJ said...

LOL! You sure have!!

Ry did that too. Every damn page in everything was drawn on. If I bought a sketch pad or had a lined notebook, every single page would have something, even just a small thing, used to drive me crazy!!

A few years ago she found the doll palace online, where people make these little dolls and then make them into animated gifs -- it's like paperdolls for computer, sorta! -- and it was all over then.

Currently her room (she'll be 12 in August) has her fashion design sketches thumb tacked all over, and she's insisting I get a scanner and printer so she can scan what she draws then change it and print, or make it larger and print and then do more design on it by hand, etc. I'll do it as soon as I fix the air conditioning in the car. ;-) She's also some ridiculous level in the WoW game online (world of warcraft, which is huge here. I can't tell you the horror-humor of first hearing your 10 year old say, "no, you have to loot the corpse after you kill it!") Which reminds me I was just telling her the other day how I learned to love Barney when she was little just because she was so beautiful and innocent and I didn't want anything polluting that LOL. She snorted at me. Snorted! She is heading toward teenager fast I guess. ;-)

If you have windows vista you can make separate logins for everyone. You only have to click 'logout' (as opposed to shutting down the computer). Then she'd have her own account and could choose the pic for her desktop and things like that.

Sherrie said...

Hwy PJ :)

Windows XP does that as well, Garry's which she usually hops on, automatically goes to the login screen when it has been idle for so many minutes, I will have to set mine up like that too. That way when I'm off cooking and the like, she can't get up to no good!!!

I have a teenage son (a computer nerd at that) so I know exactly what you mean, realising that they are not this little innocent kid any more is a huge adjustment I think. It seems so sudden but I guess it probably isn't, it just feels that way.

yumi said...
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Carol Bardelli said...

I don't let Bruno on my computers unless I'm sitting next to him. He's been a hacker for years.

As for art projects and drawing, he goes through enough paper in a week to keep a printer in business for a month!

At least our kids are creative...