Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scam Watch: Weight Loss Scams

Here is one for people from Australia and NZ that have been scammed or are concerned about a weight loss scam that they have seen and wish to report it. I reported Kimkins...

It is an Australian government website called Scam Watch and they have a page for weight loss scams.

From their website:

What are weight loss scams?

These scams promise weight loss for little or no effort. The scam may involve an unusual or restrictive diet, ‘revolutionary’ exercise or fat-busting devices, or products such as pills, patches, or creams.

Scammers exploit the fact that people can often be attracted by promises of success with little effort. Many weight loss scams suggest that you can achieve great results without having to do any extra exercise or even modify your diet.

Often, attractive people or celebrities are used to sell the products. These may be people with a different body shape and metabolism to you and who use the product in conjunction with an exercise regime and strict diet.

At best fad diets and products might result in a temporary weight loss in the short term and can be dangerous if followed over a longer period. Unless a person develops and maintains a better diet and physical activity habit, any weight lost (often water or muscle rather than fat) will soon return.

Warning signs

The weight loss scheme or product:

  • lacks scientific evidence or demonstrated links between the result and the effects of the program, food, supplement, gadget or process being promoted
  • is sold outside normal commercial distribution channels. For example, through the internet, by unqualified individuals or mail order advertisements
  • claims effortless, large or fast weight loss such as 'lose 30 kilos in 30 days' or 'lose weight while you sleep'
  • claims that you can achieve weight loss without exercise, or without managing food or energy intake
  • fails to recommend medical supervision, particularly for low-calorie diets
  • claims to reduce fat or cellulite in specific areas of the body
  • uses terms such as 'miraculous breakthrough'

Sound familiar? :)


Nancy Ellyn said...

Love your blog. I'm glad so many are dedicated to putting an end to the Kimkins fiasco!

Sherrie said...

Thank you Nancy :)

I love your blog too!

Anonymous said...
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