Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Been MIA And Some Interesting Links

Hey Guys!

Sorry I have been so quiet, I have been struggling with what I like to call - considering I am not a writer, "Blogger's Block" :)

When this whole kimkins thing really started to come to my attention early last year, I started to feel a fire under my belly and had lots of ideas to blog. But, then came the trouble with researching them and putting my thoughts into words, which I was really struggling with and I will explain why in a moment. I am still not happy with the kimkins posts I wrote at the time because I feel like I forgot to mention so much that I really wanted to convey in those posts. Then, it seemed people weren't so interested in the health side of it at all but rather the scam itself which I wasn't really into so much myself, so then my desire to blog about it started to slide... plus I was feeling burnt out.

Here's the thing, I am finding it awfully difficult to think of and write up posts, whilst being interrupted by what feels like a constant occurrence. It totally breaks my train of thought, but also distracts me so much, that I come back and find myself working on something entirely different and this will go on, back and forth all day. It seems, I am not a good multitasker at all and I end up with a dozen unfinished projects!

The worst bit is, I am finding it is just getting worse the older Maya gets, I guess shes such a "social" personality that she really needs a playmate but I don't think I want to go there again hehe

I try all sorts of things to give her something fun to do, but it seems the only time she wants to do something on her own is when she wants to draw on the wall with her pencils when I am not looking!

In the afternoons, she starts to quieten down a little sometimes but then that always coincides with Ryan coming home from school whom now wants my attention, then before you know it I have to cook dinner!

Her dad is exactly the same, so once I get her to bed and think "ah now I can go do some reading and actually sink some of it in" there he is vying for my attention as well. By the time hes off happily re-reading his Wheel of Time books or watching an X-File rerun (bought him the collection for Chrissy) I am so dog tired that I can't concentrate on anything (Maya still wakes at night).

Plus, as most of you would know I run an Australian based low carb website as well and ever since the domain hit the two year mark, traffic has been increasing and with new year resolutions and summer just ending over here, we are getting lots of newbies which is also keeping me busy. My days go so fast, I never seem to have enough time, and with all the pulling in different directions sometimes feel I never accomplished anything!

How do other people do it???

Anyway, I have two things I want to blog about, the first one being some articles and the next one which I will work on after this post, stems from a conversation I was having with some friends this morning about maintenance, which I thought would be a good topic to blog about.

I haven't had much time for trying to keep up with everyones blogs but I have been shown lots of interesting articles recently which I want to share, some I am still trying to finish reading myself.

The first one is a blog post by Lyle McDonald, I planned to blog about over the Easter weekend because I found his perspective so similar to how I felt, its a bit late now (sorry!) but interesting all the same. Now I know a lot of my readers are far from bodybuilders but it is his perspective that I think we could all benefit from:

Flexible Dieting

On the low carb front, I had shared a news article on the forum a little while ago and forgot about it until Malcolm posted some really interesting links on it from Regina's blog. Basically, a community of Aborigines in Canada, were put on a low carb diet and followed. The study, has been made into a documentary.

You can read more about it through these links:

West Coast aboriginal community tests low-carb diet

Getting to Know Dr. Jay Wortman

My Big Fat Diet - Aim High, Think Big, Score One More!

Dr J Wortman's blog

Next, was a link that was sent to me by the website owner. They are putting together a database of peoples reviews on their experiences taking various supplements and medications and asked me nicely if I would link to it if I found it of value. I think this could have a lot of promise but on my brief look there was one aspect that bothered me. It seemed that people that wrote reviews were being paid, this must cost the owner a lot of money which brings me to my concern, how does he plan to pay for that? The first thought that comes to mind is advertising by manufacturers of said supplements? This could bring a potential bias?

Who knows, I could be totally way off the mark as I have only had a quick look, but if this isn't an issue then I think this could be a really good tool:

Substance Reviews

Then, there is a blog post that was bought to my attention by Laura and that is a post by PJ which I thought a lot of folk would connect with:

A Dose of Sanity

This one was shared by BG (Bamagal) which I simply have no words for, you will see what I mean:

Alarm as dolls get breast implants in 'Miss Bimbo' game

A couple of interesting articles shared by Nat:

Gluten and rheumatoid arthritis

Research review: Crosstalk between estrogen and leptin signalling in the hypothalamus

Plus a couple of interesting articles on Science Daily:

Can Allergic Reactions To Soy Be Overcome Through Fermentation?

Tendon Complications, Though Rare, Linked To Statins, Study Shows

Link Between Pesticides And Parkinson's Strengthened With Family Study

Teenage Risk-taking: Teenage Brains Really Are Different From Child Or Adult Brains

Plus, if you are interested in the one above, you may be interested in this old one that I found some time back:

Feelings Matter Less To Teenagers, Neuroscientist Says

Oh and that reminds me, another interesting article that Malcolm shared on our forum:

The "Fat-Free Fallacy:" Is It Obesity's Great Enabler?

Oh and last but not least, here's a funny article that popped up on yahoo as I went to check my mail earlier :)

Naked NZ cop nabs would-be car thief

Oh, and how could I forget the latest kimkins video, I haven't had time to watch it yet, but it is supposed to be very good. I am hoping to be linking to the 30minute one so if this is shorter please let me know and I will hunt the link down again!

Headline Legal News: Kimkins Diet Scandal | John E. Tiedt of The Law Office of

There have been heaps of great articles about recently so I have probably forgotten a bunch from the many interruptions just writing this post but I think there is more then enough already :)



Sue said...

There has definitely been a lot of great articles lately. Its hard to find time to read them all and then get on with daily hectic life.

Daniel said...

Hi Sherrie,

I noticed your blog post and wanted to thank you kindly for mentioning my site, SubstanceReviews.com.

I just wanted to explain that the site is holding a monthly contest to reward a couple of people (who have contributed reviews) with prizes. We are not paying people to write the reviews, which would, as you say, cause concerns of bias. I feel that the contest has brought a lot of quality, unbiased reviews in a span of time that would have been many times more had no incentive been offered.

The site is currently not-for-profit, but I do plan on building in a comparison shopping engine at some point; I don't intend to have supplement manufacturers advertise on the site, however.

I am very excited about the site. It is less than 3 months old, and already has some really useful features. I am planning on adding some more features (other than comparison shopping) over the next few months which will make it much, much more useful as a tool than it is even now.

(Just a few days ago I added the ability to report on, and view, side effects [termed "adverse events" in the literature] of the products/substances. I believe this will be very useful when there is enough data.)

I don't mind discussing this with you further!

Kind regards,

Carol Bardelli said...

Hi Sherrie, I have the same issue, especially when Bruno's home. Of course he's older and gets absorbed in his on interests more now. I start article cards on 3 x 5 index cards and sketch out the main points I want to cover so as not to forget.

And the older I get the more I forget!

Missed reading your posts!

Sherrie said...

Daniel I think an unbiased database of peoples experiences with supplements - good and bad - is a great idea, good luck with it.

Hey Carol and Sue :)