Thursday, January 24, 2008


Looks like it is time for another kimkins update on the whole kimkins diet saga :D

It was a big week last week for Kimmer and in my opinion, her starvation diet.

As most of you should know by now, the Kimkins diet scam was featured on Good Morning America on the ABC network, if you haven't seen it check it out: Kimkins on GMA.

For those whom have trouble with watching these due to dial up or they can't use sound, due to being at work. Elle, from the blog, Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Pickles, has taken the time to type out a transcript of the show here: Kimkins on Good Morning America Transcript

One interesting tidbit for those whom have watched the video, GMA repeatedly mention the 500 calorie limit during the show. Kimmer has since claimed that this is untrue and has posted a rebuttal on her website.

Mariasol has addressed this here: Calories on Kimkins

A point to remember, though Kimmer never advertised an amount of calories for her boot camp plan she did have limits on allowed foods and portion sizes which forced a calorie limit of around 500 calories which I have previously addressed, scroll down to my quote on kimkins boot camp

Also, keep in mind the efforts Kimmer and co went to, to cover up these allegations such as, the alleged deletion of incriminating posts and private messages as well as the kimkins banning's of members whom were spotted posting negatively on other forums or whom dared to challenge unsound advice or discuss the kimkins controversy on the kimkins forums. And we will never forget her fake kimkins success stories including Kimmer's after photos!

But not only that, Kimmer made a second appearance in court for the deposition for the civil class action lawsuit thats pending. I haven't seen any details about this released publicly yet, but hopefully some information on that will come up on the courts website soon. Maybe some footage from last weeks deposition will appear, like the previous one showing Kimmer on KTLA? That would be good, I don't know about you, but I am totally itching to find out how it all went :)

Would love to see how the kimkins diet is really working for dear old Heidi!

Whats more, is on the Kimkins front, there's some real, well researched and thought out posts on some of the health risks of very low calorie diets like kimkins that have been popping up lately that make me proud to know these people, fighting the good fight.

Medusa for instance, is spitting them out left right and centre, I highlighted some of these in an earlier kimkins post but there's many more such as, her great post addressing Kimkins and Diabetes as well as her various posts covering Anorexia Nervosa

Another anti kimkins blogger known as Honeybee wrote a great post on Kimkins and Eating disorders

Also an interesting post by Kimorexia addresses research on the benefits of eating fat with your salads and nutrient absorption:
About those Kimkins salads...

Plus don't forget some of the other side effects which I have highlighted here:
Kimkins and research on the health risks of very low calorie diets
and remember rapid weight-loss is not healthy!


Yucky said...

Brava Sherrie! Excellent summary of the latest information about the dangers of the Kimkins Diet and the evils of "Kimmer".

Kat said...

Thank you for your post and directing people to other blogs with the dangers of following Kimkins. People need to be informed and these blogs are doing that. We all need to take this as a lesson in the future and do our homework before jumping on the band wagon without research!!

2BIG4MYSIZE said...

thanks for blogging about the dangers of and sharing the places folk can learn more about it.

Sherrie said...

You're welcome :)