Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kimkins Scam

I thought I'd help out these bloggers and share their latest posts on how you can help:

First one could be quite interesting, as this diet scam is soon to make it to national TV yet again, this time by ABC. They are looking for people whom have been harmed whilst doing this diet, if you have been harmed then please consider coming on their show. Whilst it's great to see Christin and Deni on the Morning show it would be great to see some others whom were purely just a regular member trying to lose weight.

If you can help please do:

Harmed by Kimkins? Share your Story on National TV

Another fantastic effort I see is a competition aimed at encouraging people whom do not approve of kimkins to be more pro-active.

Take Down Kimkins Contest


OhYeahBabe said...

These are great opportunities to help make sure Heidi Diaz doesn't do this to anyone else. The complaint forms are very simple to do.

I hope some of the Kimkins Diet Survivors come forward to tell their story on TV!

2BIG4MYSIZE said...

filing the reports is so easy with the step by step instuctions for the contest I hope everybody will push kimmer's button and help make kimkins.con go poof

I would be great to see the survivors talking about their recovery from those health issues on TV I really hope they will come forward.