Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mother Jailed, Put On Trial for Curing Her Son of Melanoma

I was reading this after one of the ladies posted about this today on our forum. Have you guys in the US, heard about this?

Mother Jailed, Put On Trial for Curing Her Son of Melanoma

Very freaky... what do you think?


I just wanted to say I found an article with a different perspective here. I did mention it in the comments but the link didn't work so thought it best to add here.

I also found a few records of traffic violations dating from 2004 for a Laurie Jessop born in 1961 and a Chad Jessop born in 1990 so there does appear to be a 17 year old Chad Jessop in Orange County. I also found records of a family court battle between a Laurie Jessop and a Markus Jessop whom have a child dating back from 2003 which seems to have been revived this past August. So it may be true, or at least these identities exist, maybe someone should try to contact them to see if it actually happened?


Sue said...

How disgraceful!!

chickycola said...

wow, such and eye opener. I wonder if the child didn't have insurance if the doctors would have bothered reporting them? We are such a money hungry society it's gross, especially when you see it impacting peoples very personal choice of their health care.

I believe in peoples personal choice of caring for their illnesses. Lord knows that there are enough medical mistakes, why not let me manage the health care for me and my family. What is the point of having second opinions or holistic medicine and the freedom of choice, if we are not going to be allowed to explore?
Bah.... it makes me sick

Sherrie said...

According to that article, the doctor in question was not a cancer specialist but also it seemed like a witch hunt, like the whole town was against her, for example, the alleged harassment by police etc

Anyway I found this take by another blogger:
whom if I recall was a surgeon. His argument was also interesting though one thing low carb has taught me is to not take one persons advice as gospel so thought I'd do some more digging.

Anyway I was going through some orange court stuff and found traffic violations for both Laurie and Chad Jessop, those showed Laurie's birth date as 1961 and Chad's as 1990 which makes him 17 like the story.

Ron said...

Yes, it is true that this person does exist!!! And yes she does have a son named Chad and a 15 year old daughter named Crystal. I am Ron Miller, Lauries boyfriend. The story on the angry scientist website is 100% true.
I cant believe some of the negative comments that people have made thinking that this is a hoax etc. etc. I know for a fact that Laurie has not accepted one cent from anyone and has spent thousands of her dollars on attorneys etc. etc. She has been offered donations from about 5 people so far and is not in a position to accept them yet. Since you are in a different country it should be easier for you to understand this horror story, since you can see our corupt government from a clearer perspective (unlike most Americans that are brainwashed and think that it is Ok to play Policeman of the world and drop bombs in other countries)..Anyway, if anyone wants to contact me directly, my e-mail address is: thanks, Ron Miller

Ron said...

Oops..I made a mistake on my e-mail address, sorry about is:

Ron Miller

Joseph said...

There is no way this story is true. It would take large sums of money to keep a story like this out of the media and government records, and no one would waste so much money on such a little matter. Also, no one who has claimed to know these people has given even a shred of evidence that its true. Not a single fact that can be verified. It seems that the only moneyhungry people here are the creators of this myth.

clientoptions said...
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