Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Low-carb Diet May Stunt Prostate Tumor Growth

Hey, I just came across this today in Science Daily. We all know how beneficial low carbohydrate diets are for various cancers and there are more and more studies out there that show this. Now, another on prostate cancer, but be warned - it is a mice study. This will lead to a human one and hopefully more recognition for low carb diets.

In the study they compared tumour growth in mice fed a low carb diet, a low fat diet and a western diet that is high in both fat and carbohydrates. The low fat diet had a shorter survival time and large tumour but western diet faired the worst with the shortest survival time and biggest tumour out of all three. Naturally the low carb diet faired the best with the longest survival and smallest tumours but as well as that not only did they share lower insulin levels like the low fat group they also had lower levels of the form of IGF, which is capable of stimulating tumor growth.

I liked this quote:

"This study showed that cutting carbohydrates may slow tumor growth, at least in mice," said Stephen Freedland, M.D., a urologist at Duke University Medical Center and lead researcher on the study. "If this is ultimately confirmed in human clinical trials, it has huge implications for prostate cancer therapy through something that all of us can control, our diets."


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