Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some Home Made Dairy Recipes

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I love buying cooking magazines, I try to buy one every fortnight during our main grocery shop. This time I bought one called Donna Hay Magazine, I had never bought this one before and it was really good. I found a bunch of LC suitable recipes and shared some of them here

But what was even better was the home made dairy recipes inside which looked very simple. There's ricotta cheese, curd cheese, clotted cream and yoghurt. With Maya being sensitive to the proteins in regular cows milk I have to give her A2 milk. I have yet to come across any cheese or yoghurt's (which she loves) that are made with this milk so I thought some of these recipes would come in handy.

Anyway I thought you guys might like them too :)

Keep in mind that the cup measures are metric cup measures so use the other measure in brackets if you don't use metric and metric tablespoon are 20ml where as US tablespoons are 14 ml which is about half an ounce, measurements and conversions.


Makes 1¼ cups or 10 oz

1.5 litres of full cream milk (48 fl oz)
2 TBL white vinegar
candy thermometer
fine muslin

Pour milk into saucepan with thermometer and heat to 80°C (176°F). Remove from heat, add vinegar and set aside for 5 minutes to curdle.

Sit colander over a deep bowl and then line colander with the muslin. Using a slotted spoon, gently spoon the curds into the colander and leave to drain for 5 minutes. Need to be gentle with the curds so they don't go dry and grainy.

Next just gently spoon into a class or ceramic dish and cover loosely with cling wrap. Can store in fridge for up to a week.

Curd Cheese

Makes 400g or 14 oz

¼ cup (2 fl oz) water
1 tsp liquid rennet
2 litres (64 fl oz) full cream milk
table salt
candy thermometer
fine muslin

Bring water to boil and then cool completely. Stir in rennet and set aside.

Pour milk into saucepan and with candy thermometer heat to 32°C (90°F). Remove from heat, add water/rennet mixture and gently combine for 5-8 mins until curds form.

Place colander over a deep bowl and line with muslin, pour the curd mixture in to the muslin and allow to drain. Using the muslin shape the curd into an oval and twist any excess whey out.

Remove the cheese from the muslin, sprinkle with salt and then place in an airtight container and refrigerate for 2 hours before its ready.

This cheese will last for 2 days. I wonder if you can freeze it? Anyone know?
I just noticed there's some recipes where they fry it, maybe it could be fried and then frozen?

Clotted Cream

750ml (24 fl oz) of double cream

Preheat oven to 80°C (176°F).

Place cream in a ceramic baking dish and cover with foil. Bake for 8 hours or until thickened slightly with a pale yellow skin on top.

Allow to cool completely then cover with cling wrap and chuck in fridge overnight to set. Once set it should be firm.

Carefully scrape off the buttery top with a spoon before serving. Can be stored in fridge for 3-4 days.


Makes 1 litre or 32 fl oz

1 litre (32 fl oz) full cream milk
¼ cup (2 ¼ oz)natural thick yoghurt.
1 sterilsed glass jar with tight fitting lid.

Using a candy thermometer, heat milk in saucepan until it reached 95°C (203°F)
Pour into sterilised jar and cool to 42°C (108°F), stir in yoghurt then put on lid.

Wrap jar in a cloth and leave for 8-12 hours to sit in room temperature until yoghurt has thickened.

Drain excess liquid from the top of the yoghurt and your done. Can be stored in fridge for up to 2 weeks.


Joanne said...

I've been doing the real raw milk cure. I didn't think I could live on just milk products but felt much better simplifying my diet to mainly raw dairy. It gets a little boring but feels good.

Joanne Hay

Sherrie said...

Hey there Joanne, great site :)

Is sweetened cheesecake allowed? I could live off cheesecake indefinitely! :D