Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kimkins Petition

Just wanted to share, that someone has put up an online petition against Kimkins:

To: Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, California Attorney General

Believing it to be true that Kimkins.com is promoting medically unsound and potentially life-threatening diet plans in which many followers have complained of one or more of the following:

� Dizziness
� Nausea
� Muscle fatigue or weakness
� Heartbeat palpitations
� Moderate to severe hair loss
� Bone and joint pain
� Mental changes - irritability, forgetfulness, confusion
� Bowel complications/symptoms of laxative abuse

And that the founder of Kimkins, known as �Kimmer� ;

� is not certified or licensed in any way to dispense nutritional and medical advice
� claims to have lost 198 lbs. but has never provided solid evidence of such loss, having refused to be interviewed in person
� has advised the daily use of laxatives extended beyond products� warnings
� has pushed diet followers to stay as low in calories as possible, even as low as 0-300 calories a day
� has used questionable marketing techniques to generate membership revenues by:

-- displaying false �before/after� testimonials
-- using viral marketing techniques such as the willful misplanting that young celebrities have followed the plan in order to target a younger demographic, including pre-teens
-- has allowed affiliates to spam many valid forums with misleading information
-- advertising the acquisition of an e-book as included in the membership fee, which she never produced

We, the undersigned hereby request that this website, Kimkins.com and its founder, �Kimmer� be properly investigated in an expedient manner so as to prevent harm from coming to more individuals who might try these plans.


The Undersigned

If you agree with these concerns, you can sign the petition here: Request For Kimkins Investigation



Carol Bardelli said...

Hi Sherrie, great entry.

By the way, you've been tagged!

(If you were before just disregard).

The details are at my blog.

Cheers! Carol at Kudos For Low Carb

Morgan MacLeoid said...

Thanks for posting this! :) BTW, you've been tagged and added to my blogroll! (It's all Carol's fault! lol)

See the rules here:

BamaGal said...

Sherrie---thanks for this info---keep up the fight girl.

Morgan said...

Sherrie - I'm a Californian and haven't heard of Kimkins and, no, I haven't been in a cave. Why isn't the FDA, FTC, BBB, and our AG pounced on this? The media goes nuts when we have bad dog food from China, why aren't they as rabid about this? I'm outraged. Thanks for the alert.

Sherrie said...

LOL you two (Morgan and Carol), Sparky all ready beat you two it but I still haven't got around to it, not enough hours in the day LOL and now by the looks of it I have a dilemma, everyone I would have tagged like you two have already been tagged ROFLMAO

Will do BG :)

Hey Morgan I have no idea, you would think something would be happening by now, all the more reason for everyone to get involved and keep pushing!

Cindy Moore said...

I put a link to the petition on my blog too....keep up the good work!

I also question why this hasn't been investigated yet. Before the Women's World article I could see it as it was simply an online thing....but now, you'd think there would be some interest! The idea that teens are also on the site....that alone should cause some kind of investigation!

Sherrie said...

Yes I hope more people sign the petition, the thought of a 14 year old girl eating 500 cals a day makes me feel sick to my stomach!