Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kimkins and Kimmer

Boy has the kimkins controversy been running hot the past week or two? Did you know in around 3 or so weeks her member base has grown by 7000 members?

People have been going on a lot lately about Kimmer, particularly regarding the validity of her pictures. Personally, I don't trust her and I certainly don't believe that most of them are hers but I am not greatly concerned about that. A lot of people have been questioning her weight loss and again I'm not too concerned as its the whole Kimkins diet and mentality that really bothers me.

Did she lose it? probably, particularly considering she eats very little even when maintaining. Did she keep it off? I am assuming that shes been struggling there.
Another concern lately is that she has no maintenance plan, from what I've read she maintains by eating little and water fasting over the w/e once a month so I figure that is what others would be doing. If anyone has more info there, please share :)

Originally, I was going to plaster up a whole heap of famous quotes by Kimmer to try and show where exactly I am coming from, but then I thought my point might get lost in the clutter, so I decided to just post some of the good ones occasionally.

Now, as you know I am not a fan of ANY of her plans, but what grates me even more is the message she brings, what she and those around her encourage and teach, particularly her advice which to me, is very dangerous. I tried to explain this to Jimmy but I don't think he gets it or rather he doesn't want to get it.

The fact is she encourages people to eat very little food as well as daily use of laxatives and water fasting or should we say diet soda fasting. That is not healthy, it will not help people attain success in their weight loss goals over the long term and frankly encourages very dangerous eating pattens. We critise various weight loss drugs and crash diets yet how is this any different?

Anyway, enough ranting, here is a typical example of what I mean, I found it a couple off weeks ago in the Ask Kimmer thread on LCF"

A response to someone who ate half a chicken breast one day and nothing the next, wanting to know if its okay to not eat when shes not hungry…


I don't see any point in forcing yourself to eat. If you read the water fasting links you'll see that if you have enough body fat, your body is fine without food. Dr. Joel Fuhrman supervises water fasts for 5+ months for overweight patients.

Will your body use it's own muscles for protein? Yes, for 2 weeks, then it stops (confirmed by studies in the "Make It Fast" thread). We are always "eating" our own muscles ... diseased, old, whatever. Even poor people who have literally starved to death retained full size internal organs (heart, kidneys, brain), reducing only 1-3%.

I have done many 10-15 day, a couple 30 day and one 48 day water fast.

2 days later when this same person who is still eating almost nothing (4 bites of chicken, a coffee and 2 diet cokes!) posts again that she didn’t lose any weight that day she is given this advice by Kimmer:


When did the water fast end? You are losing at this very minute! Keep in mind that meat, chicken & fish have zero fiber so there's nothing to "push them through".

Have you considered taking a mild laxative each night you're doing "protein only"? Or, hate to even suggest it, make up a batch of the horrible Epsom salt solution and take a couple tablespoons each night?”

Can anyone tell me, that advice is safe?

I am still gathering a bunch of studies on VLCD's (Very Low Calorie Diet) etc. I think what I am going to do is consolidate them all onto the one page, kind of like what I am doing with the low carb studies though that is VERY unfinished. I have heaps more to add just from my forum alone plus I expect there is lots more out there. Your welcome to take a peak: Low Carb Research Plus I want to do an article on what I learn from that (VLCD Research) and use some kimkins related examples. What do you think?

*update* I should mention the VLCD page I was thinking of doing has been started here: Research of the Health Risks of Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD)

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Sparky's Girl said...

I used to post on LCF when Kimmer did, way back when. I don't remember ever seeing the advice you posted here.. so I must not have been paying attention then. I will admit I don't agree that water fasting or laxatives are a good idea. I simply DO NOT agree with her on this. I don't see how this advice could be healthy in the least.
As for how I feel about her diet plans.. only time will tell.

Sherrie said...

Well LCF is a pretty big forum. I have only ever been a lurker there really. First was years ago when I used to just check out the Atkins section they had where the Atkins staff used to post and then last year when I found out about Kimkins.

Sparky's Girl said...

Big? That forum is stinkin' huge! LOL Which is why I don't post there anymore.. I feel lost in the crowd. I'm sure I missed A LOT of stuff on there. I think she has given out some foolish advice, if this is the norm for her. So far I haven't seen anything like this her the Kimkins forum, but again, I'm not around much. :0) Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Carol Bardelli said...

I had no idea about the laxitives and fasting on Kimkins. That's totally dangerous and unhealthy. Sounds like advice given by someone with an eating disorder. I'm assuming this advice goes with no exercise because I don't see how anyone would have the energy.

As for Kimkins' on muscle wasting being normal, she's wrong. Yes, it's common due to so many people being sedentary but it's not 'normal' and actually setting those fasting and semi-starving up for lower metabolisms. Talk about a vicious circle!

Sherrie said...

Hey SG :)

She's probably being very careful right now. Apparently, during those maintenance outages, some stuff including past PM's from her were being deleted from other peoples in boxes.

But from my researching her posts on LCF that advice was very normal run off the mill type of advice from her.

Sherrie said...

Hey Carol :)

Kimmer proudly admits that she hates exercise and that she did not do it to lose her weight. BUT her boot camp plan that is 500 calories, part of that plan is a minimum of 30 mins of daily intensive cardio and MORE if you can. We both know how detrimental intensive cardio can be on preserving muscle mass not only that I wonder if that could also cause issues with electrolytes.

Carol Bardelli said...
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Sue said...

That it why people are up in arms about kimkins - the 400-600 calories per day, the water fasting, the laxatives, the silly advice, the use of fake after pictures and the secrecy of the creator. Also, apparently one of Kimmer's biggest losers (Christin) wanted to meet her face to face and was declined!

Sherrie said...

No Carol, she doesn't have credentials. From what I recall her experience is stillmans at 16 yrs old, water fasting at 20 yrs for 45 or 48 days and a whole lot of yoyoing in between that and her weight loss a few years ago. She has also claimed to be hypothyroid and takes 325mg synthyroid for it.

In fact from what I gather from this post by her on LCF this total cholesterol of 496 and TSH level of 128 was after she lost her weight doing "kimkins"

I wonder...

Btw Thanks Carol for the plug :)

Check it out:

Yeah, it's a ton! Whenever I have a new doctor they always think I'm lying, LOL! Good thing I carry my meds in my purse (and my last 2 labs)!

No, not hungry. I actually lost my weight without my thyroid meds because I hadn't been taking them for over a year. I didn't feel any different when I took it (Armour) so when the Rx ran out I didn't refill it ($$).

Eventually the tiredness took over and I felt "mom" tired more than usual so back to the doctor. My TSH was 128! Everything else depends on the thyroid for regulation so I shouldn't have been surprised that my total cholesterol was a staggering 496!

I told my doctor I would take the meds but I didn't expect to feel any different. Wrong! He wrote for Synthroid and the very next morning I woke up before my kids, not tired in the least ... and it takes longer than 24 hours for Synthroid to fully take effect!

Cindy Moore said...

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor!!!

This is for real? This person is actually recommending long term water fasts, laxatives, etc??

The part about the thyroid makes NO sense at all. She's saying that Armour, a NATURAL replacement did nothing but Synthroid, an ARTIFICIAL one did? Nope, sorry....but who IS this person?!?!?

Now I've gotta read your last post!!

TESS said...

She is in it for the money and all this controversy is really adding to the cash register.

Sherrie said...

Hey Cindy :)

I totally missed your post. Yep thats what she was saying :)

Hey Tess :)

You could be right but her membership doesn't look like its changed much over the week to me.

Still, say nothing and...?