Thursday, July 26, 2007

Totally off topic, just a blogger type question.

Does anyone know how to do a search on your comments to other blogs?

I am always leaving comments on other blogs in my travels and I am always forgetting where LOL. Sometimes I find a new blog I like, leave a comment and then totally forget what the url was or what it was called etc.

Now I swear when I first started blogging last year that I was able to do this but I am baffled as to how I did it, I just don't remember LOL

So can anyone help me, please? :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is Kimkins okay because its simply low carb?

I keep seeing Jimmy, Kimmer and some others play the "low carb" card in regards to the Kimkins diet which really annoys me. So what if kimkins is low carb, low carb isn't perfect as like any other diet, it can be abused. I knew a girl who lost a lot of weight on the lettuce diet, should I advocate that too? after all, lettuce is low carb, right?

We actually had a girl join our low carb forum briefly once, she was pro-ana and said that low carb made it easier... You could imagine the shock when one of the ladies decided to find out what pro ana meant and let me know.

Heck, even Atkins can be a problem for some, because sometimes people don't snap out of that low fat mentality they were in previously - powered with the satiating effects of ketosis end up eating similar to kimkins and wind up stalled and rebounding.

But the difference between Atkins and plans like it and Kimkins, is Atkins doesn't encourage abuse of his plan, rather he assumes you will eat enough fat and in fact warns not to do his plan and low fat at the same time, whereas as on kimkins, it would seem that abusive behaviour is the "crust" of her plan.

People say its just her advice and her plans are fine, seriously do you think they are healthy?

A 500 calorie boot camp with daily rigorous cardio is healthy?

800 calorie shake diet, healthy? A shake diet I might add that doesn't even have any standards in place and so can be very dangerous and extremely low in fat, so get ready to kiss your gall bladder goodbye.

I wanted to update that Kimmer has also allegedly advocated a 450 calorie version of her shake plans for fastest results on her forum. This consists of 3 times 150 calorie protein shakes, note I said protein shakes not meal replacement shakes.

The 1000 calorie vegetarian plan? I don't know much about that plan but I have heard about a friend seeing someone posting nicely recommending B12 in the vegetarian forum, as we know this is very important for vegetarians, guess what happened? it was deleted. So how do we know that is healthy and well researched? :rolleyes:

The other two plans that aren't limited in calories... Kimmer is banking on the fact that SNATT (semi nauseas all the time) will bring you down to similar calorie levels to the other plans. I recall her stating herself in the ask kimmer thread that the only reason calories are unlimited is because they will be bought right down to these levels "naturally"

You see this is where low carb can be abused and why Atkins can be unintentionally abused, it is the satiation effect of ketosis which should be a good thing and for most of us it is, well until now....

On top of that, people on the various forums generally don't encourage that kind of behaviour, there will always be heaps of people that will say "you need to eat more" whereas in Kimkins circles it's the opposite. Your encouraged to believe that there is no starvation response and you won't lose muscle after 2 weeks that heck it is safe to water fast for 382 days. And if you say otherwise, if you dare question too much, your post will be deleted making the kimkins forum very biased and one sided.

Then to make matters worse with Kimkins, the big weight loss is emphasised so much more with people complaining if they only lose 10 pounds in a week or because they only lost a quarter of a pound that day. That is a very dangerous mindset to encourage and I was very disappointed to see Jimmy encouraging it too, even more so when he announced he was doing it because as we all know, many would follow.

Having stalls and slow loses at times aren't a bad thing, apart from being safer, its usually then when you learn about your body that little bit more.

*edit* Forgot to add this:

Shouldn't we as a low carb community show some responsibility and principles here and set some kind of standard of what a healthy low carbohydrate diet is?

I can tell you, it is not Kimkins, nor is it the lettuce diet!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kimkins and Kimmer

Boy has the kimkins controversy been running hot the past week or two? Did you know in around 3 or so weeks her member base has grown by 7000 members?

People have been going on a lot lately about Kimmer, particularly regarding the validity of her pictures. Personally, I don't trust her and I certainly don't believe that most of them are hers but I am not greatly concerned about that. A lot of people have been questioning her weight loss and again I'm not too concerned as its the whole Kimkins diet and mentality that really bothers me.

Did she lose it? probably, particularly considering she eats very little even when maintaining. Did she keep it off? I am assuming that shes been struggling there.
Another concern lately is that she has no maintenance plan, from what I've read she maintains by eating little and water fasting over the w/e once a month so I figure that is what others would be doing. If anyone has more info there, please share :)

Originally, I was going to plaster up a whole heap of famous quotes by Kimmer to try and show where exactly I am coming from, but then I thought my point might get lost in the clutter, so I decided to just post some of the good ones occasionally.

Now, as you know I am not a fan of ANY of her plans, but what grates me even more is the message she brings, what she and those around her encourage and teach, particularly her advice which to me, is very dangerous. I tried to explain this to Jimmy but I don't think he gets it or rather he doesn't want to get it.

The fact is she encourages people to eat very little food as well as daily use of laxatives and water fasting or should we say diet soda fasting. That is not healthy, it will not help people attain success in their weight loss goals over the long term and frankly encourages very dangerous eating pattens. We critise various weight loss drugs and crash diets yet how is this any different?

Anyway, enough ranting, here is a typical example of what I mean, I found it a couple off weeks ago in the Ask Kimmer thread on LCF"

A response to someone who ate half a chicken breast one day and nothing the next, wanting to know if its okay to not eat when shes not hungry…


I don't see any point in forcing yourself to eat. If you read the water fasting links you'll see that if you have enough body fat, your body is fine without food. Dr. Joel Fuhrman supervises water fasts for 5+ months for overweight patients.

Will your body use it's own muscles for protein? Yes, for 2 weeks, then it stops (confirmed by studies in the "Make It Fast" thread). We are always "eating" our own muscles ... diseased, old, whatever. Even poor people who have literally starved to death retained full size internal organs (heart, kidneys, brain), reducing only 1-3%.

I have done many 10-15 day, a couple 30 day and one 48 day water fast.

2 days later when this same person who is still eating almost nothing (4 bites of chicken, a coffee and 2 diet cokes!) posts again that she didn’t lose any weight that day she is given this advice by Kimmer:


When did the water fast end? You are losing at this very minute! Keep in mind that meat, chicken & fish have zero fiber so there's nothing to "push them through".

Have you considered taking a mild laxative each night you're doing "protein only"? Or, hate to even suggest it, make up a batch of the horrible Epsom salt solution and take a couple tablespoons each night?”

Can anyone tell me, that advice is safe?

I am still gathering a bunch of studies on VLCD's (Very Low Calorie Diet) etc. I think what I am going to do is consolidate them all onto the one page, kind of like what I am doing with the low carb studies though that is VERY unfinished. I have heaps more to add just from my forum alone plus I expect there is lots more out there. Your welcome to take a peak: Low Carb Research Plus I want to do an article on what I learn from that (VLCD Research) and use some kimkins related examples. What do you think?

*update* I should mention the VLCD page I was thinking of doing has been started here: Research of the Health Risks of Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD)

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