Friday, June 01, 2007

Low-carb diets have higher death rates


I was just reading this article from New Zealand, this post isn't about the topic per se, so if your concerned, Regina covered it nicely here.

What this post is about however is a couple of quotes in the article that were so moronic they made me laugh so I thought I'd share :)

Heres the first one which I think is a real gem:

Dietetic Association president Jan Milne said people who cut carbohydrates out of their diets missed out on an important source of nutrients, including B vitamins and iron.

"If a parent goes on a low-carb diet, the rest of the family sometimes ends up on it by default,"she said.

"This is particularly dangerous for children, who typically get a lot of their iron from bread."

Now I am sure I do not need to explain the stupidity of that comment, I mean if anything it is the other way around...

Heres another, just as stupid:

Mrs Milne said many foods marketed as "low carb" or "low fat" actually contained large amounts of sugar, which was "incredibly dishonest".

Low fat, YES... but low carb products containing large amounts of sugar *laugh*



Sparky's Girl said...

What's scary is that this woman is the Dietetic Association president. I've always assumed you have to understand at least a little about the make up of nutrients to get a position like this, but obviously I'm wrong. This lady hasn't done her homework, and it shows.

Bev said...

You have a very informative blog! I found you through the Blog Catalog when I was searching for health related blogs to Blogtip.

Stop on over at my Soul Cysters blog and check out what I wrote about you!

Have an awesome day!


Sherrie said...

Hey Sparky, absolutely mind boggling isn't it!

Hey Bev, nice blog, I had a look at your blog tipping post

Low carb is meant to be very good for people sufferring PCOS, do you low carb?

I am glad you like my blog, thankyou :)
I wish my best to you and your family, especially Becca.

jneimark said...

I tried the low-carb and modified low-carb program for a while. I did see results initially, but found it difficult to maintain that type of lifestyle. I craved the carbs and the texture. I recentyl started a blog dedicated to my own personal weight loss journey (which actally began with a very serious medical issue). I have tried many different dieting programs from the time I was a teenager...finally, I have developed a program of healthy eating (including carbs) and exercise that have allowed me to lose 76 pounds, get my cholesterol back in line and rid myself of the bizarre illness I had (which the Mayo Clinic) could not even diagnose. My site is not advertiser driven or sponsored, I simply wish to share my story and help motivate others. If you have time, feel free to stop by (address below). I am just starting to lay out my eating program in the last couple of posts. By the way, nice blog of your own.



Sherrie said...

Hey Josh

Maybe you had some type of food intolerance of some sort.