Friday, April 13, 2007

Exclusive Breast-Feeding and HIV Transmission


Sorry about being a bit slack with my posting of late but life has been very hectic for me lately.

This isn't a low carb article but it is very interesting all the same and I wanted to share it:

Basically what it was about, is the rate of HIV infection in newborns from infected mothers in South Africa and whether exclusive breastfeeding from the infected mother helps or hinders the rate of infections.

You would assume that breastfeeding from infected mothers would make things worse yet according to this article these were the statistics:

Of the 1372 HIV-infected women, 1132 (83%) chose exclusive breast-feeding. The median duration of exclusive breast-feeding was 159 days (67% for ≥ 3 months; 40% for 6 months). Among exclusively breast-fed infants who were HIV-negative at or after 6 weeks, the cumulative risk for infection after 5 months (i.e., at about 6 months of age) was 4%. Infants who received solids along with breast milk were nearly 11 times more likely than exclusively breast-fed infants to become HIV-infected. Infants born to mothers with CD4 counts <200>3 were more likely to become HIV infected or to die than were those born to mothers with counts >500 cells/mm3. Overall mortality at 3 months was more than twice as high with replacement feeding as with exclusive breast-feeding (15% vs. 6%).


Here is the article with the link to the abstract:

Exclusive Breast-Feeding and HIV Transmission


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