Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another reason why trying to lower cholesterol in women does more harm then good

Hey I was just reading this article and thought I'd share, another reason for us ladies to eat up in regards to animal products!

Cholesterol is so important to fetal development that pregnant women who do not have high enough cholesterol levels are at increased risk of having babies with developmental problems, even without consuming alcohol.

And the article finishes off with:

the findings provide further credence to current practice of ensuring that pregnant women should not lower their cholesterol too low. A recent study found that women who took cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins were at greater risk of giving birth to babies with developmental problems.

Cholesterol aside, in regards to alcohol they say this:

Li said that the keys to fetal alcohol syndrome's severity are the amount of alcohol consumed, the duration of the consumption and the timing of the pregnancy. For example, alcohol consumed by a mother with a one-month-old fetus could alter the development of the brain; at four to eight weeks, facial structures, heart and eyesight could be affected. Two to three months into fetal development, alcohol consumption could lead to the growth of extra digits.

"The amount of alcohol consumed is important as well," Li said. "Even the equivalent of one 12-ounce beer, consumed at the wrong time, could disrupt the signaling pathway and lead to a defect."

I don't drink alcohol at the best of times, but that certainly puts me off the idea of even having a sip if I was pregnant!

You can read the article here:

Cholesterol Could Be Key To Treating Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


Cindy said...

Oh my, this is very upsetting!!!

I agree 100% that fat in the diet during pregnancy is very important. I also agree that it's likely that low cholesterol in momma would lead to problems in the baby.

"A recent study found that women who took cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins were at greater risk of giving birth to babies with developmental problems."

Oh my God!!! Even the DRUG COMPANIES know that statins shouldn't be given to women while nursing, pregnant, or where they may become pregnant! It's one of the few disclaimers on every commercial on TV! So docs ARE ordering them??? Disgusting! Despite the FAct that statins are of No benefit to women of any age?

The other thing that concerns me about this guy is the implication that a little bit of alcohol is ok. Most docs promote none! Not even a mouthful.

The reason why you see more severe defects in babies with long term exposure is because they ARE exposed more than once.

The development of a baby is a continuous process. So if you have a drink at one point you get one another point you see a different defect...a later point and still a different defect. For children of alcoholics, you see a wider range of defect than a child exposed intermittently.

Now, I will admit that the effect is different women to women, and even sometimes baby to baby. If cholesterol is the cause, blood cholesterol levels, they should absolutely promote higher fat intake during and before pregnancy. But, they should be doing this anyway!

In my opinion, NO woman that is sexually active and not sterile, or lactating, or pregnant should go on a low fat diet. Yes, I don't agree anyone should, but fat is VERY important for fetal brain development. After birth too. In my opinion, no child under school age (recommendation last I heard was under 2yrs) should be on a low fat diet.

As you can tell, this is a soft spot with me. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is something I'm familiar with, knowing several children that have been damaged.

Sorry if I got a bit heated I said, this is very upsetting to me! I feel some research coming one! lol

Thanks for ths post and the link!

Sherrie said...

Cindy I didn't read the article as promoting a little alcohol, to me I read it as more reason to stay away so good point, I'd hate to think people would actually think it is okay if they say ate more eggs!

I don't know what it is like over there but personally through my own pregnancies and that I have seen with my friends I have always been under the impression that a little is okay.

Then I read this article that warns that even one glass of beer consumed at the wrong time is enough to cause a birth defect.

I can say no doctors, or midwives told me that even one glass of alcohol can be so devastating.

Luckily for me I don't drink but I know in my first pregnancy I would have been drinking a fair amount prior to finding out I was pregnant so I guess I was lucky there, I also wasn't on a low fat diet.

Makes you wonder how many out there have the odd glass during pregnancy not realising how bad that can be.

And what about all the others that drink not knowing for the first 4-6 weeks that they are pregnant? Especially if they have low cholesterol which is so heavily promoted these days!

Isn't it funny how we so heavily promote how healthy a glass or two of wine is a day despite the well known problems with alcohol and yet we totally slam down something that is not only unproven to be a problem but also something so vital and essential to a developing foetus or child!


I should go hunt my old pregnancy leaflets they gave me for Maya and their dietry reccomendations, I remember ranting about them once when I was pregnant with Maya on my forum but the post was lost when we were hacked that time.

Anyway RANT away Cindy, I love a good rant! :D

Cindy said...

Sherrie, the women I know that have been pregnant over the past few years are told no drinking, many being told to stop when they stop birth control.

I did do some research and found that the women that were taking stains while pregnant were taking it prior to getting pregnant. So apparently docs are at least taking them off the statins, but what are women of childbearing age doing taking statins!

Statins are contraindicated in women who MAY get pregnant! So any woman that is still fertile and sexually active should NOT be given statins!!! Remember too, that statins have shown NO benefit for women of any age, but even the drug companies say in their ads they are not for women who may get pregnant.

Sherrie said...

Cindy I am with you, I don't like statins at all.

Maybe its the beer and wine culture we have here in Australia or maybe I have just been unlucky in regards to doctors but I have never been given the impression that even a little occasional glass of alcohol was a big nono.

Even when I went off the pill a few years back as it was not agreeing with ketosis at all, no doctor ever warned me not to drink just in case!

And I know of ladies who have the occasional or even nightly glass of wine whilst trying to concieve or not on contraception.