Thursday, March 29, 2007

Low Fat Stigma and Low Carb

Now I had already linked to this article on my low carb forum but after seeing it pinned up on everyones blogs I figured I should too. I won't bother posting the article in its entirety but instead just post the link as that is what is important. The majority of you already know what I am talking about. For those that don't enjoy :)

More Science and Less Zealotry, Please

Now speaking of bacon and brie, I don't know any low carbers who don't eat bacon but for those of you who havn't tried Brie the recipe I posted recently is just the thing to fix that:

Low Carb Brie, Leek and Pumpkin Quiche

Seriousely, it is really good, if none of you have tried it yet then hop to it because it is yum!

I don't know if you guys in the US just call the big halloween type pumpkins, pumpkin or you have smaller ones as well like us? My favourite is a Jap or kent pumpkin (do you have them?), otherwise theres the butternut pumpkin which I believe you call butternut squash?

Anyway you really must try it. Here I am on the blandest of all bland diets lol I havn't eaten any form of chocolate all week and do you know what I am craving right now? Yep thats right Low Carb Brie, Leek and Pumpkin Quiche hehe

I have made this a few times now, and each time it is even better!

Of course I can't have that either right now because both the brie and pumpkin are full of salicytes or amines *sigh*

Oh but heres one for any failsafers out there, I made this tonight and it was very tasty. Actually this would be good for all low carbers!

Chicken, Cabbage, Alfredo

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Elimination Diet - Take 3

DAMN I just did a very long post, took me ages and blogger only published the first two paragraphs, the rest is lost... *sigh*

I will try again!

I am starting an Elimination Diet today. It's for my daughter because she is - lets just say, a handful and has been since she was conceived! (lol)
What I am planning to find out with this diet is - if my daughter has food intolerance issues.
We already don't eat preservatives etc or well, at least ones that aren't hidden under the 5% rule. I hope I find something because I really need her to settle down a tad. My daughter is still breastfeeding (a lot) so I have to do it too! (arghh)

The elimination diet, comes from the Allergy Unit of the Royal Prince Alfred hospital (RPA)and is also known here in Australia as the Failsafe diet, it is basically an updated and much improved Feingold Diet. Here is a list of what I can actually eat (highlighted in blue) made by Emma from Plant Poisons and Rotten Stuff: The RPAH Elimination Diet (Failsafe)

For the Aussies, I found a free booklet by Sue Dengate that has a list of Australian products as well as some recipes which others may be interested in as well: Failsafe Booklet

I actually meant to start this earlier in the year but, with everything going on and with Garry in and out of hospital, I was not in the right state of mind. I am probably still not, and never will be because, I don't want to do this diet (yuk) but if I don't, I will be the one in and out of hospital haha.

For those that are wondering why I think Maya may have food intolerance issues, do you remember when I mentioned that we both had bad gastro last Christmas?

Well during that time Maya was not feeding much and when she did she promptly vomited it back up. Despite all this, (apart from when she was vomiting) she was CALM, like a totally different baby/toddler. She slept lots and happily played on her own. When she is well, she seems to hate sleep and she is very temperamental and demanding. Don't get me wrong, this will sound contradictory, but shes not an unhappy baby nor does she cry a lot, but she seems to need my attention practically 24 hours a day. People go on about terrible twos and tantrums, Maya has been having tantrums since the day she was born!

Now I eat pretty good and the solids she eats are good as well. I don't feed her junk and the only drinks she has are breast milk or water, which leads me to believe that she may have a problem with natural chemicals in foods. She was also very late with solids due to a sensitive gag reflex so I can't attribute this all to solids either.

Here's an example of something crazy she did just the other day. She placed one of the small cushions from the lounge on to our tiled floor, walked back to the other side of the room for a runway then ran up and dived into the cushion, face planting into the floor!

Now I know toddlers are a tad crazy but surely that is a bit wild for a 23 month old girl. If she keeps this up we will be seeing her in the next Jackass movie!

I am in a bit of a dilemma here though, because a lot of the foods here go against what I learnt through out my low carb journey in that they are very processed (eg refined white sugar and canned pears in sugar syrup). Obviously, I'm not going to be able to bring myself to eat all of the allowed foods which will limit me more but I am going to have to make some concessions. I can't just eat meat and egg because too much protein makes me hungry, VERY HUNGRY. Also after I lost my weight on Atkins I was diagnosed with a goiter, so I stopped eating goitrogens. But, it is looking like I am going to have to start eating some brussel sprouts and cabbage.

I also have to try and attain fresh meat to reduce amines, not sure how I will do that. I know not to buy vacuum packed meat and I have read that very bloody meat is a sign it has not been hung properly so I assume that could be a reflection on freshness as well?

This will also mean I have to be careful in cooking meats, now I don't like meat that are not cooked properly so not sure there. I wonder if I can use a slow cooker? I am not sure if I can because of the length of time it takes to cook.

Urghh I am not liking this already because I hate plain, bland foods!

It doesn't stop there either as I also have to look at chemicals and fragrances in my toiletries, laundry and cleaning products. Probably doesn't help that my house is surrounded in lavender and I have to do lots of weeding this weekend lol

If anyone is interested in checking this diet out, Emma has heaps of info on her blog and website. I have also made a thread where I will chuck any good tidbits I find: Elimination - Fail Safe Diet

Wish me luck! :)

I have a feeling I am missing something but this is all I can remember, now I will save it, just in case it happens again.

Update it did happen again. After saving it I clicked on edit and it was blank. Luckily, this time when I clicked on back in my browser, most of my post was still there!

I am having issues with characters too. My title looks like it is in Arabic LOL

Okay, happened yet again after saving, luckily I saved it into my clipboard first, I hope this publishes properly!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Updated Links

I have finally got off my butt and updated my links. I have been planning on this for a while but keep getting distracted :o

I know there were some more I wanted to add but they escape me right now, I will add as I come accross them so I don't lose them again!

Enjoy :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Fast-food chains in Australia to curb trans fat

I just got around to reading this article, at first I thought okay thats a start, then as I kept reading I became very annoyed. Heres a snippet of what our Assistant Health Minister Christopher Pyne and the Heart Foundation communications manager Monique Blunden had to say:

Mr Pyne said Australians consumed 0.6 per cent of their daily kilojoules as trans fats.

"While we are doing well, I would still like to get that level down further and the reliance on saturated fats down also," he said.

"It is important when we reduce trans fats in our food supply that we do it in the context of a balanced diet.

"We don't wish to decrease trans fats by returning to the use of saturated fats such as palm oil, tallow and lard."

Heart Foundation communications manager Monique Blunden said dealing with the use of trans fats was important because of the amount of people who ate fast-food every day.

"While we are certainly thrilled with the initiative Christopher Pyne has taken, we want to make sure that saturated fats are lowered as well," she said.

"There are healthy alternative oils out there, I would encourage the industry to seek them out."

Fast-food chains to curb trans fat

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Low Carb Brie, Leek and Pumpkin Quiche

Okay this is something I have just discovered. It is a recipe from an old Goodtaste mag but minus the carbohydrates.

I just can't stop going on about it LOL I have shared it on my website (link in title above, for anyone interested) but dang I think you guys need to try it too, it really is that good and its the kind of recipe that grows on you each time you make it. I think I will make it tomorrow :)

I have a quick reference chart here to help you with any conversions: Measurements and Conversions

Give this a try, if you havn't had Brie before, the first couple of mouthfuls may seem a tad unusual but trust me it grows on you!

Brie, Leek & Pumpkin Quiche

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another reason why trying to lower cholesterol in women does more harm then good

Hey I was just reading this article and thought I'd share, another reason for us ladies to eat up in regards to animal products!

Cholesterol is so important to fetal development that pregnant women who do not have high enough cholesterol levels are at increased risk of having babies with developmental problems, even without consuming alcohol.

And the article finishes off with:

the findings provide further credence to current practice of ensuring that pregnant women should not lower their cholesterol too low. A recent study found that women who took cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins were at greater risk of giving birth to babies with developmental problems.

Cholesterol aside, in regards to alcohol they say this:

Li said that the keys to fetal alcohol syndrome's severity are the amount of alcohol consumed, the duration of the consumption and the timing of the pregnancy. For example, alcohol consumed by a mother with a one-month-old fetus could alter the development of the brain; at four to eight weeks, facial structures, heart and eyesight could be affected. Two to three months into fetal development, alcohol consumption could lead to the growth of extra digits.

"The amount of alcohol consumed is important as well," Li said. "Even the equivalent of one 12-ounce beer, consumed at the wrong time, could disrupt the signaling pathway and lead to a defect."

I don't drink alcohol at the best of times, but that certainly puts me off the idea of even having a sip if I was pregnant!

You can read the article here:

Cholesterol Could Be Key To Treating Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Monday, March 05, 2007

Diabetes 2, sugar, weight gain and drugs...

I was just reading this article on the threat of diabetes that had some pretty alarming numbers:

According to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, the number of people worldwide with diabetes climbed from 30 million in 1985 to 171 million in 2000.

Some 4 percent to 6 percent of adults aged 20 and over are now affected. Developed nations tend to have a higher prevalence, but developing nations are fast catching up.

There was a 69 percent increase -- from 5.2 percent to 8.8 percent -- in diabetes prevalence from 1995 to 2005, exceeding the WHO's estimate of a 60 percent global increase between 1995 and 2030 and a 39 percent increase between 2000 and 2030.

"Every estimate I have ever seen for prevalence has been surpassed the next time you get a chance to look. It's quite frightening," he said.

Now obviousely (well to us anyway!), our diet has a lot to do with this, particulary where highly refined processed foods are concerned, but I also wonder how many drugs out there that we are put on in the hope of curing our ails are also to blame?

My partner has been having a huge battle of late with major depression. They think now that it is a symptom of something else but they don't know what so they are just throwing drugs at him and seeing if they help basically *rolls eyes:
To date every treatment they have given him has made him worse. His previous medication was clearly causing blood sugar issues as I watched him begin to turn back into a sugar addict and gain weight. His eating didn't get too bad but it was only going to get worse and he wouldn't believe me when I said he was having problems with his blood sugar.

Last week he was changed to another drug (Zyprexa) which I looked up and OMG lots of side effects but the ones that stood out to me were major weight gain, syndrome x, hypoglyceamia and diabetes 2 caused by changes to your glucose metabolism.

I talked Garry into mentioning this to his shrink, in which the shrink seemed to have played it down.

I have been hunting for the research article that I was looking at last week, but I seemed to have lost it but here are a couple of articles for anyone interested.

Olanzapine (Zyprexa) on Wikipedia.

Recently the FDA required the manufacturers of all atypical antipsychotics to include a warning about the risk of hyperglycemia and diabetes with atypical antipsychotics. Additionally there are some case reports of olanzapine-induced diabetic ketoacidosis. There are data showing that olanzapine can decrease insulin sensitivity.[citation needed] In addition, increased triglyceride levels may also be an issue with olanzapine. Impaired glucose metabolism, high triglycerides, and obesity have been shown to be constituents of the metabolic syndrome and may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Zyprexa story (Transcript should be up by Thursday but you can listen to it now)

Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (makers of Prozac) have agreed to pay upwards of 1.2 billion US dollars to nearly 30,000 patients who claim their bestseller antipsychotic medication, Zyprexa (Olanzapine) has resulted in diabetes, weight gain and other complications and that these risks were downplayed. Secret documents are leaked, the newspaper headlines start screaming, and citizen journalists spread the word - but where is the real advocacy for better drugs with fewer side effects?
Zyprexa Documents

I wonder just how many drugs out there have these types of side effects?

Sunday, March 04, 2007