Friday, February 23, 2007

Folate and Low Carb

A few years ago when I was doing very strict low carb to lose weight (20-30g and lots of exercise, particulary weights) I was having problems with fatigue, strength, funky hormones etc which persisted during maintenance and I was diagnosed as having a goiter I had a whole load of blood tests done. I never did get that figured out as before you know it I was pregnant with my daughter and I never got anywhere with the doctors and endo prior to that other then being sent home with a print out on CFS, so all that went to the back burner.

Anyway, I was just mentioning to a lady on another forum about my achey joints and how after losing 2 litres of blood after they did an emergency cesaerean, part of me felt really good in regards to my joints and muscles. Anyway she was suggesting that I had iron overload so I pulled out all my blood tests results when I was feeling at my worst. Turns out my ferritin was on the low side of normal but guess what my folate was after around 23 months of low carbing?

Serum Folate: 33.1 nmol/L in which the reference range for deficiency was <> 10.0

Low carb diet being deficient in folate, my bottom... well it certainly wasn't for me!

Also to note:

B12 670 pmol/L (deficient <180> 210)

Plus my Trigs were 0.5 (Normal range < 2.6) and glucose 4.5 mmol/L (3.0 - 11)

Wonder how they would be on a low fat diet!


Cindy said...

The popular belief is that if you don't eat fortified grain products you don't get enought folate. Now this may be true for those who don't eat fresh fruits, veggies, and meats, but those of us that are correctly following a low carb plan have all of these foods in our daily intake.

Sherrie said...

This was at the end of summer when I had that test taken, so going by a recent post by Eades, I would have had the Aussie sun destroying alot of the folate too!

I guess there are some people who get by just eating meat and eggs but for the majority of low carbers, surely by cutting out most grains and potatoes you have no choice but to eat more leafy greens with your meals?