Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Could low-carb diets lead to birth defects?

Sigh, just did a low carb news search and what do I see:

Could low-carb diets lead to birth defects?

Can't we just educate people to eat more greens and perhaps supplement if trying to concieve rather then get fat and sick on this rubbish!

Is it that hard???

Okay we may reduce birth defects this way but what do we do, replace it with disease and obesity?

Makes no sense!

And while we are at it, encourage everyone to eat their meat with their leafy greens. A Post I read the other day, from Dr Mike Eades: Folic acid and cognitive impairment


Cindy said...

This report is a joke!!!

First they push whole grains on people, encourage them to eat (non-fortified) whole grain breads and cereals....then blame low carbers for the lower blood levels? Just another way to bash low carb!

Sherrie said...