Thursday, January 18, 2007

What is wrong with this picture?

I was reading an article today: Cure for type 2 diabetes

At first I was thinking this sounds good:

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --"Stop eating carbohydrates! Cure Type 2 diabetes!" That's the message being spread by a family doctor, stirring up controversy in the medical community. It's not hope the American Diabetes Association is encouraging. But, minimizing carbohydrates does play a role in lowering the risks of progression of diabetes.

But then I get to this:

John is managing his disease by eating smaller portions of carbs, down to 280 grams a day. "I might have 30 carbs for my breakfast, 30 carbs for a snack, 60 to 75 for lunch, 30 for another snack in the afternoon, and then 90 for dinner," said John.

280 grams a day is a reduction? *sigh*


Cindy said...

My sister was told a minimum of 60g per meal, her daughter (300+ pounds) was told a minimum of 90g/meal. A friend was told to increase her carbs by another 15g/meal because she was "loosing weight too quickly". NONE of these 3 have controlled blood sugar.

So this comment doesn't surprise me at all.

Sherrie said...

It is so nuts, if that is really reduced from what he was eating before then no wonder he had diabetes 2!