Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A calorie is a calorie: Is it really that simple?

I was just reading this article that I thought everyone might be interested in:

Diet, exercise take off equal pounds, study finds

This is the original study they are speaking of which should provide full free access (need to register) for this article: Effect of 6-Month Calorie Restriction on Biomarkers of Longevity, Metabolic Adaptation, and Oxidative Stress in Overweight Individuals

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Study on lifestyle VS Drug interventions on the prevention of Diabetes Type 2 Risk in patients with impaired glucose tolerance.

This was just published in the British Medical Journal and both of the abstract and full paper are freely available. Here is the abstract and if you go to that link you will find the link to the full article in the menu to the left titled, online first PDF.

Pharmacological and lifestyle interventions to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in people with impaired glucose tolerance: systematic review and meta-analysis

Their conclusion:

Lifestyle interventions seem to be at least as effective as drug treatment.

Oh really! ;)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What is wrong with this picture?

I was reading an article today: Cure for type 2 diabetes

At first I was thinking this sounds good:

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --"Stop eating carbohydrates! Cure Type 2 diabetes!" That's the message being spread by a family doctor, stirring up controversy in the medical community. It's not hope the American Diabetes Association is encouraging. But, minimizing carbohydrates does play a role in lowering the risks of progression of diabetes.

But then I get to this:

John is managing his disease by eating smaller portions of carbs, down to 280 grams a day. "I might have 30 carbs for my breakfast, 30 carbs for a snack, 60 to 75 for lunch, 30 for another snack in the afternoon, and then 90 for dinner," said John.

280 grams a day is a reduction? *sigh*

Thursday, January 11, 2007

5 things about me..

Hah I have been tagged by lovely Cindy. I was soo hoping if I stayed nice and quiet I wouldn't get tagged! :p

What this means, is that I need to share 5 little known things about me and then finish of with tagging 5 other bloggers.

Now this is hard, as anyone from my forum would know, my life is an open book but I'll try.

1. I don't drive a car, I get lots of stick for this one lol but I know my limits. I have problems reacting to things coming from my right and my concentration is very poo, frankly I think it would be very irresponsible for me to drive right now. But in this 'all about convenience' world we seem to live in people never understand that. Of course there is an upside, I walk everywhere and cut down significantly on my pollution which I guess helps make up for below...

2. I used to smoke cigarettes, yeah I know, disgusting habit what can I say *shrug*

3. Believe it or not I actually used to play basketball for my school, what can I say we didn't have many tall girls back then and most girls opted for netball but I always thought that netball was for sissy's *grin*. When my mum was a teenager, she actually got onto a big netball team for our state (Contacts) and shes only around 5ft, apparently she was quite good.

4. I do not belong to a religion. I totally respect others who do belong to religion. What I love about religion is the morals it teaches, the 10 commandments, do unto others etc. Personally I don't think I need to belong to a particular group to live my life with good morals and principles and raise my children with them and treat people the way I wish to be treated.
What I have a problem with is the whole judging and grouping side of it. Should we accept responsibility in how we treat others? yes sure I have no problem with that. But being judged because you belong to a certain religion... that I don't like.

Please don't get me wrong, I mean no offense, it is just not for me. I don't want to choose between a religion, choose which one is right or wrong because frankly I don't know which one, if any is wrong or right. If there is a judgement day, I hope to not be judged on what group I choose to follow but rather how I treat people. Does that make sense?

I really have a huge problem in judging people on such superficial things, judging them because they have a particular skin colour, come from a particular country, look Arabic (terrorism), live in a certain suburb, disability, are poor, male, female, wealthy, career, education, our weight and religion. When we are born, we don't choose to be born, we don't choose our parents, or what religion they belong to, where they live, their skin colour, how much money they have etc yet people these days treat each other as if we do. But yet, what we are born into forms our base and we do the best we can with whatever base is given to us, no-one should be judged on that. It is where we go from there, how we try to treat people that counts.

I have a huge problem with that and it always gets my goat up, and yes I know that a lot of it is my problem *smile*. Take last month for instance, I entered an argument with someone on a bodybuilding board who was trying to scare a lady off from following a ketogenic diet. Though, he was not experienced with keto and low carb diets what so ever, he felt he knew and was the only one with a valid argument based on that his wife recently obtained a PHD. Judging by his argument I will assume this PHD isn't related to ketosis and low carb diets and she herself and her medical colleagues aren't all that experienced on this particular topic, why?
The argument was based on one particular study. A study that she and her medical colleagues claims is the only credible study on ketosis and low carb diets because it is apparently the only double blind study for longer then 3 months. For that I *assume* they can't know that much if they think this one study is the be all and end all.
He was stressing (his words) that symptoms like kidney stones, bone thinning, high cholesterol, abnormal liver function etc as common side effects and that ketosis was in fact a 'medical disorder'.

In fact he was so sure of himself that he would totally fob off any of my experiences through myself, others and my own reading up on it over the last 5 years. Nor, would he listen to any of my arguments on this study and why it doesn't relate. Why because I don't have a PHD and thus am unable to read it or have any sense of logic and commonsense and he promptly told me to come back when I do have a PHD *wink*. Funny, considering he himself doesn't have a PHD either *wink* but there it is, a prime example of how people pass judgement. Of course, the majority of reading I have done are all by medical professionals with a PHD, so going by his logic I am no different, but hey what would I know...
Here's the study if you're interested: Early- and Late-onset Complications of the Ketogenic Diet for Intractable Epilepsy

Hah, lol I have gone off track a bit but I wanted to relate where I was coming from.

We are all guilty of it to one degree or another at some point regardless of our religion. Anyway I hope I didn't offend, I wasn't trying to as I mean absolutely no disrespect, I am just showing where I am coming from.

5. ADD, here's another biggie that I am currently reading up on. When I was a kid I was a straight A student, totally square teachers pet. I was in advanced maths, very creative, very good at guitar (self taught) to the point where I was always sent to the prac room whenever we had theory classes and never had to participate in tests. I was great at drawing, I liked to sketch and I loved reading and writing stories and poems. I could read thick novels when I was 6 years old.

Eventually I ran into trouble, though my art and music never suffered at the time , things like maths and english did. My thinking had changed, it was like I lost my oomph. When I read a book now I have all sorts of trouble. My reading skills per se are just fine but my concentration and focus are not. I have trouble 'getting into' things and shutting other things out. When I read a book, heck even whilst writing this I am thinking of other stuff. This makes it very hard to take everything in and I often read the same page over and over, sometimes the same sentence. By the time I finish a book I have forgotten most of it. If I don't practice things regularly I can't retain it. For instance I can no longer play guitar or draw. I have trouble getting started with things, its like constantly having writers block but with everything. I can't concentrate with outside noise, interruptions and distractions, I need peace and quiet and to be left alone and no stress. I also have problems with my memory.

However, once I get stuck into something, find my groove so to speak then as long as no-one distracts me I am fine.

Take my website, A Pinch of Health, when an Australian low carb forum was given to me I had no clue what to do with it, how to get a web host let alone how to make a web site. When the old owners first approached me, Maya was only a few months old, I was so overwhelmed by it but heck I said yes anyway. I didn't want the forum to die, we had been badly hacked just before Maya was born and that was bad enough, I didn't want to see what was left go too!

It took me forever to get started. You couldn't imagine how frustrating it was, my learning came in spats and spurts and I was often re-learning over and over. I kept forgetting due to way too many distractions at home and I wasn't getting much sleep, but I did get there. Regardless, I really enjoyed it so I am glad I gave it a go and plan to learn more.

Mind you it all is very exaggerated at the moment due to all my sleep debt and lack of peace and quiet and time to myself (my daughter). I am certainly looking forward to everything settling down at home.

But yet, it does make me wonder. My other half Garry is having a huge battle currently with depression, something he has battled to one degree or another all his life. Anyway, recently he was researching the connection between ADD/ADHD and depression and started rattling off to me this big list on symptoms of ADD. So many bells rang for me that day it has got me wondering if certain things I thought were normal and learnt to live with really aren't and thus holding me back. Imagine all the time and frustration I'd save!

I also suffered what could have been a significant head injury when I was younger. Quite a large rock came tumbling down a steep hill at full pelt and struck me across the side of me head, behind the ear just missing my temple. Mind you I only needed stitches so I was very lucky but it does make me wonder when I look back on everything now.

Anyway I think that's more then enough about me and I will probably regret this post lol :)

Now somehow I have to come up with 5 bloggers who haven't already been tagged LOL

First I think it would be a good idea to give someone a little nudge *wink* his name is Dave, I am sure you know him as Lowcarb Dave

Second, hmmm I think I will tag a member on my forum I have met recently who has a blog, her name is Katie and her blog is called Thin Enough

Third, Carol, she has a great low carb blog which most people should know! Kudos For Low Carb

Ah almost finished!

Next is Wicked Witch or I assume Emma, She has a really interesting blog, I find it interesting because she goes into foods in a lot more depth discussing topics not often discussed: Plant Poisons and Rotten Stuff

Last but not least... Detox because her blog could use an update :) and I want to know how shes going: Detoxify This!