Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What The World Eats

I have been looking through all the recent articles on a particular set of photos and this one would have to be my favourite:

What The World Eats

What this is about, is a photographer travelled all over the world taking family portraits of different families and what they eat in a week. It is really good, you have to check it out. This one isn't in english but, the photos don't need translation. I would LOVE to see an english version of this particular article though, as it does look like an interesting read...

If anyone knows of one let me know!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like to read an English version if available. Pics were very interesting. The poor were eating mostly grains. The Aussies and Americans had lots of junk food. Interesting that they used an aboriginal family for the Australian pics. I think that was because of the high incidence of diabetes in the indigenous community and they probably wrote about that. If only it was in English!

Sherrie said...

Hey there anon ;)

You know what suprised me the most about the aussie pic, it was all the meat and eggs. I would have to say they hands down beat all the others put together on meat!

You have me wondering now how that was interpreted!

Sparky's Girl said...

Really interesting! Thanks for sharing! I would also love to see an English version. I think what stood out to me most was how little the poor had to eat compared to the tables full of food in the other places. It broke my heart!

Sherrie said...

Yes I think that was the first thing that stood out to me too!