Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Guess What's Coming to Dinner

I was just reading this article and all I can say is OMG what next...

Guess What's Coming to Dinner

Very scary!


Regina Wilshire said...

Major reason why I buy 95% of our food from local farms now...I know the farmer, can visit the farms anytime I want, know how they're doing things (transparency) and don't have to worry about "what is this really?" when I'm cooking! The 5% I can't get at a farm (ie. nut oils, some spices, etc.) I go organic and just hope they're not "cheating"

Sherrie said...

Hey Regina :)

I try to get as much as I can locally as well but I am definatelly not where you are yet, 95% is excellent!

Our local farmers markets are very small so its a bit challenging. Of course I am surrounded by farms so if I was a little less shy lol I'd be set by now hehe

My biggest concern is chickens and their eggs. Everyone, free range or not seem to supplement then with 'chow'. I spoke to one recently who sell organic free range chickens and deliver them. Sounded good untill he replied back with what was in the chow, soy beans and canola :(