Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Does a Low-Carb Diet Really Work?

Hey just wanted to share, a small but positive article on low carb for a change:

In the 1970s the low-carb diet was made famous by Dr. Robert Atkins, but at the time was rejected by most dieticians as dangerous nonsense. Now, 30 years later, millions are turning back to this effective, yet controversial, weight-loss program.

The Epoch Times


Cindy Moore said...

"This means that all those feel-good foods like white bread, rice, pasta, potato, ice cream, cakes, and even most fruits must go, to be replaced by meat, fish, dairy, and vegetables."

Well, it looks as if this guy at least knows something about low carb!!! Nice!

Sherrie said...

Hey Cindy

Theres so many articles that start of good only to be ruined with buts and sarcasm, where as this one had not even a hint of it. It was good to see! :)