Friday, November 24, 2006

Breast cancer link to diet rich in meat

We (Australia) just had a local celebrity die of breast cancer the other week (well it was secondary bone cancer she actually died of but yes it was from her previous breast cancer that was removed), her name was Belinda Emmet.

Anyhow, like always with these things and the media, there is now breast cancer related articles popping up every where, including this one:

WOMEN who eat red meat more than once a day double the risk of getting the most common form of breast cancer, doctors have found.

Breast cancer link to diet rich in meat

As we all know, the media tend to twist and over sensationalise things, which brings me to ask does anyone know more about this? as I have no doubt this is going to come up a lot for a while!

I will have a look around and see what I can find, but I thought I'd mention it here too...

I assume it is more to do with nitrates and how we feed and treat our livestock. But of course, people would rather just tell you to limit your meat intake, rather then actually stop doing all this crap to our meat that causes it!!!

Yet another good reason to go local and organic!


Lee-ann said...

your blog page is very interesting and I wonder were all your interesting comments come from. I am a grandmother of 8 and one of our daughters is very high in the health and fitness side of things even been to compete in the arnald clssic and she has a lot of meat and rice and you cannot get a fitter woman. just a question and never a critic of good info hope to see you again. Lee

Sherrie said...

Hello Lee :)

Your daughter sounds like she is kicking some serious bottom! :)

Where my comments come from... I am not sure exactly if I am following your question right but I will give it a go hehe
I'm not a doctor or anything just a regular person with an opinion and an inquisitive mind, when I become interested in something then I tend to go a bit nuts learning about it :)

When I started low carbing in 2002 I started researching it online and things kind of went from there. I learnt not to take titles like doctor for granted. Whilst I respect the effort and hard work that goes into such titles that does not necessarily make one a good doctor...

Basically learnt to be skeptical of many things, learnt that we do alot of pretty irresponsible stuff to others and our environment just to make $$. So now, rather then just taking something said in the media as gospel I'll go check it out and see if I can find where such a story is coming from and whether its true or not. Sometimes I rely purely on intuition and what seems logical to me and start looking it up. I like to keep an eye on what everyones taking about, new related research and news as well as find people that I think have a lot I can learn from and visit their sites reguarly.

I also really enjoy helping people so I love sharing things I learn along my journey. I think this is probably where I get most of my satisfaction from.

Anyway now you have learnt I like to ramble on a lot too lol

I hope that helped hehe



Anonymous said...

I always appreciate your blogs. Snez

Sherrie said...

Thanks Snez, that means a lot! :)