Monday, October 16, 2006

Organic Food *updated*

One of the best things that low carb has taught me is about fresh, local and organic foods... Since then, I try really hard to replace foods with organic and local foods whenever possible. It can be very expensive though, in Australia, meat for example is very expensive, and organic meat much, more expensive again. This is such a shame as meat and dairy are probably one of the first foods you should watch out for, being higher up in the food chain.

One of the best ways I have found to source local foods, is by going to local farmers markets in the Adelaide hills. I have also found some sources just by driving around, some farms will have an un-manned stall out the front of the farm where they rely on your honesty or you may find a farmer pulled up at the side of the road selling produce in their ute. We bought some great home-made olive oil and passata this way!

Farmers markets are starting to become popular, this has a good and a bad side. The good side is you get to find some really good fresh and local produce as well as get to speak to the farmer directly. The bad side is some may try to take advantage of the fact people are willing to pay more for such produce. Mind you, the quality is usually very good, it's just that the price can make it more unobtainable for the people who probably need it the most. To get around this, you need to shop around and compare.

This month, we had a big farmers market open up at the Adelaide Showgrounds. I went there for the first time yesterday and there was lots there, but it was also very busy so I am sure I missed a lot.

I did spot this stall named Limestone Coast Lamb it is not organic but looks quite good. They sell 1/2 or whole lambs in a box for $10 per kg. I read up on them on their website and they sounded good, so I dropped them an email to find out a little bit more.

Because I like farmers markets so much, I have been collecting information on them, and putting it up to share with others in the organic and whole food resources section in our forums, as well as in a thread on the forums called Australian Farmer Markets. Naturally, because I am in South Australia most of the information so far is South Australian related, though I do plan on putting up information for all places in Australia. If you know of any farmers markets in your state I would love to hear about them so please feel free to share them in our thread on the forums and I will be happy to put the information up in the resources section.

Also I want to note I am happy to have a thread etc going for international visitors as well, so please feel free to share information there for other international visitors.

The main point of this is to spread the word on the value of and encourage interest in local, fresh food and even when applicable growing/raising your own. Eventually Garry and I plan to be self sufficient.

*update* Just added a little to this as I forgot some of what I planned to say yesterday after being interrupted way too many times... Ahhh the joys of motherhood! :)

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