Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jamie Oliver

Garry and I absolutely love this guy. Ever since I watched his first series of Jamie's School Dinners on TV he has been my hero. I think we have almost all of his books now. I wish we had someone high profile like that here championing the cause...

Anyway it turns out he has a brand new series out shortly to follow up from where he left off called Back to School Dinners which I am really looking forward to.

If you didn't see the first series, I highly reccomend it, for you and your kids. But you might want to watch it first in case theres any swearing in it thats not beeped out. Don't worry its not as bad as you think, but there is a couple of moments behind the scenes where he vents a little. Towards the end of the series is a really good bit that you have to show the kids. It's where he demonstrates to a classroom of children how the overly processed foods like chicken nuggets are made. Very gross!

What amazed me most though is what these kids in the UK are eating, not just at school but at home too... is it really that bad there?
When I was a little tacker in primary school I had a best friend from the UK, she only stayed for a short time because her parents couldn't handle our heat and they moved back home. I can only remember a couple of conversations we had, one being about how they would have hot lunch served to them at school, a yummy sheppards pie... I thought they were so lucky over there and ever since wished I lived there, heck it sure beat my mum's soggy over ripe tomato sandwhich...

Imagine my suprise watching this show, when I saw that there were no sheppards pie... infact there was not one thing that looked even remotely appetising. Instead there was the typical rubbish you find in the frozen section of your supermarket, such as curley fries, chicken nuggets, some type of crumbed processed turkey or what I call regurgitated turkey and pizza. This was the food the schools were serving their students, ACK!

But you know what? This is the same food their parents would serve them for dinner... In one of the episodes, Jamie showed a classroom of kids various different common and fresh vegetables for them to identify, do you think they knew what most of them were? Nope...

It was quite an eye opener, you really should see it.

Last night I was reading another article which I posted about where he talks about his next series and comes out with a classic...

In the programme Oliver says: "I've spent two years being PC about parents, now is the time to say, 'If you're giving your young children fizzy drinks you're an a**hole, you're a tosser. If you give them bags of crisps you're an idiot. If you aren't cooking them a hot meal, sort it out.' If they truly care they've got to take control."

I can't wait to see the next series, I hope they air it in Australia soon.


Lowcarb_dave said...

Hey Sherrie, have you checked out his latest program about setting up a restaurant in Melbourne?

I might just have to go along and check it out!


Sherrie said...

Yeah I watched it last night!

Your lucky living in Melbourne as Jamie is touring Australia at the moment and is doing a few cooking shows in Melbourne and Sydney. He has such yummy recipes, we are always cooking atleast one of his meals each week!