Monday, September 11, 2006

I havn't forgotton about this blog!

Sorry for being so slack!

On the 1st of September my grandmother who was just 3 weeks away from her 94th birthday died in her sleep. She had been in hospital for a few weeks after sufferring a major stroke.

Still, I thought she was going to pull through just fine. She is a very strong lady and the last time I saw her in the hospital, she was so alert and determined. This made it, that more shocking for me... When my dad called to tell me she had been given 1 - 2 weeks within an hour at most before she died I did not believe it.

But whats happenned has happenned, she has led a good life and can now reunite with my grandpa who died in september, 20 years ago.

I think its quite nifty she chose the 1st day of spring, it was a beautiful spring day outside too!

And if that wasn't enough my daughter Maya decided it was teething time again but this time added croup to the mix, gawd its scary when they have croup. After my doctors advice, I had the heater on all night and there was a huge improvement. It was just congestion that troubled her after that which was easily fixed with Demazin. My only problem was that I would get too hot and be up after only a few hours but it was much better then the alternative.

Needless to say I didn't get much sleep at all last week and thus, my concentration has been poo!

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