Friday, September 15, 2006

Fast food not to blame for fat kids

We all know fast food is bad for kids, I'm not posting this article to argue that and I am certainly not sticking up for how childrens diets are today.

This article is basically saying that kids are eating less fat and calories then they were 30 years ago... For example 2 year olds apparently now eat 16% less and here we have all this media attention towards obese infants and their diet... You know what that means, don't you, that they will no doubt encourage cutting down on the calorie and fat intake of infants too...

Just visit any parenting forum or look at the baby food labels in your local supermarket to see what a 'healthy' diet is for infants even though it is well known how important fats and dare I say cholesterol is for an infant!

Of course this article goes on to blame activity and in some ways it could be correct in that it would be a contributing factor but I wonder how much of it is due to food composition such as excessive carbohydrates and NOT ENOUGH fats and protein!

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