Saturday, September 30, 2006

Agriculture and Food Processing

Hey Everyone :)

I'm actually on my way out on hols to the Flinders Rangers but wanted to quickly show you something I was just reading. Its a peice by Regina on agriculture and what that means in the world today. I thought her corn example explained quite well one reason why we moved out of the suburbs and try to shop locally at farmers markets and such. Of course we still use our local supermarkets, down here at least farmers markets are often more expensive so we just do the best we can and go to a few different ones for different things.

Anyway enough blubberring here's the article I am talking about:

Value Added Agriculture or Added Calorie Agriculture?


Lowcarb_dave said...

It's kinda harder to get quality produce these days.

I live in the Melbourne burbs, and our only choices are the big supermarkets sometimes. And their stuff is just rotten.

Because I work in the day I usually shop at night - hence the supermarkets.

Sherrie said...

Yeah I agree Dave, what about on the weekends? We do all our shopping over the weekend and just get odds and ends through the week if we need them.

Lowcarb_dave said...

I do most of my lazy-ing about on the weekends!!!!

Sherrie said...

Hehe don't we all!