Thursday, August 31, 2006

Getting the best out of your food

Since I was diagnosed with a goiter a few years back (don't notice it now so hopefully its gone) I have been reading up on the foods we eat, their anti-nutrients (such as phytates and oxalates) and other negatives and ways to combat it. It can be quite confusing let me tell you!

Anyway I was just reading an interesting article which I thought was a good appetite wetter for this topic so thought I would share.

Just click on the heading of this post to go to the article.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Sorry I have taken so long but I have been busy and my daughter Maya who is 16 months is being a real pain.. To top it off, the other half was home sick all last week so I havn't had a moment to concentrate on anything!!!

I have a couple of posts that have come to mind this morning that I want to rant about!

First one is canned tuna...

A bit of background, my other half suffers from depression and has been taking anti-depressants for the last few months and his doses were progressively getting higher until it clearly was doing more harm then good. Then, the weekend before last he finally came to the conclusion on his own that atleast for him that he had to pay more attention to his diet, in particular sugar, caffiene, preservatives and additives. So, since then he has weaned himself off over the last week and a bit.

Now his diet is pretty good with me on his case but its not perfect, especially since he has been on the anti depressants.

*ah now that Maya has finally got sick of spinning me around in my computer chair I will continue...*

This morning he saw his doctor and filled her in on whats been happening. His doctor is a general practitioner but she does training in depression. Anyway, she then went on to reccomend some supplements he should take with one of them being fish oil, but get this... she told him that there is no point eating canned tuna for omega 3 because they barely have any. Her reasoning was that the omega 3 in canned tuna is taken out to make fish oil capsules!

Now okay we don't eat canned tuna very often, maybe once every few weeks at most but alot of dieters do... especially low carbers and, for the reason being that canned tuna is a good source of omega 3, so I found this very interesting...

I go have a look in my pantry to find a can of Greenseas Tuna in springwater, and on the label they state:

"Your body cannot make omega-3 fatty acids, so it is essential to eat foods containing them for a balanced diet. Give your omega-3 intake a real boost with Greanseas Tuna."

"Good source of Omega 3" and then "98% fat free"

I proceed to the nutritional label and for 100g of tuna there is a measly 0.3 grams of omega 3...

But get this... there is 0.6grams of saturated fat, since when did tuna have twice as much saturated fat of what it has in omega 3? Remember this tuna is in springwater so no fat has been added...

The mind boggles...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world!

Hey guys and girls :)

Your probably wondering what this blog is about? Well I am not sure!!!

I am totally new to all this blog stuff, so please forgive me if I do anything silly :)

I am an honest person and will say first up I have my own website A Pinch of Health , and I do hope to help our community grow through this blog. But, I also would like to use this blog for me and to also meet and learn from more people here as well!

Generally I rant and rave about things in my diary on my forum or sometimes in other peoples diaries haha, but I was thinking that this would be a much better place for it!

I could talk about a news article I see that grabs my interest, a study, maybe even just an opinion or thought I want feedback on. I love feedback, giving and receiving, bouncing of ideas...
I like being able to discuss and share all sorts of things as I find it to be a huge platform for learning, growing and understanding.

Ever since I began this low carb journey in 2002, I have learn't an awful lot about what I put in my mouth and my health, yet still have so much to learn. I have also became quite skeptical, no longer do I believe someone purely because they are an authoritive body, especially if they have something to gain like $$$
Rather, I like to form my own opinions by pooling other peoples experiences together, researching, what makes sense/logic and hopefully at the same time keeping an open mind.

Topics can be about anything really. I am interested in a few things like low carbohydrate diets, organic and whole foods, health, parenting especially since having another child recently and web stuff. Hence why I decided to call this blog Pinch of ...

For those that would like a little background on me and my website, it is primarily an Australian based low carb website. Originally just a forum (under a different name) that I used to moderate and a shopfront for an Australian couple selling low carb diet plans and low carb mixes and bodybuilding products. It was a good forum, where they were once quite active and contributed alot of experience and knowledge there. Since that time alot of things have changed, they no longer have a shop front, the forum was hacked and we lost alot of content including some precious diaries of ours!
The owners decided to move on and in doing so asked me if I would like the forum. At the time I had no idea on how to look after a web site and had just had a baby but I didn't want to lose the community that I had grown to love so much and hey what the heck, I love a challenge!

Since then I have been learning all this web stuff, building content on the website and forum, building a web presence ( with the name change came a new domain which meant starting from scratch), as well as trying to keep current with everything, then theres my life outside of this like my family and now little toddler. Sometimes I am like a chook with its head cut off haha but I am getting there!

The website is just that a website or what I like to call it, a community... no product or service is being sold, no advertisements. It is just a website for people to learn from each other and share experiences and ideas. It is primarily a low carbohydrate website but, I would like it to be more then just that. To me low carb means health, environment, getting back to the basics and eating real food not some overly processed bar full of soy and sugar alcohols!
I don't care if your eating 20 grams, 50 grams or 100 grams, If your cutting out or reducing your sugars and starches (especially processed ones) then chances are your low carbing in my book. No one has the right to judge you based on a number or a macronutrient ratio, we are all so different. Not only that the amount of carbs you eat is just part of the picture...

This site isn't about telling you what to do, it is about awareness, learning and sharing!